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Speakers Showcase


Ashleigh Williams

C+R Research
Research Director​
150 N. Michigan Ave., 34th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601

Her own cultural context and expertise illuminates her research style and enables empathic connections with consumers of various backgrounds. In addition, she helps spearhead the CultureBeat PULSE ezine at C+R and holds experience working with multicultural teens, harnessing her passion to uncover the thoughts and desires of the next generation.
Prior to joining C+R Research, Ashleigh worked as a Design Strategist at BrandImage Schawk Inc.
She also spent 4 years collaborating with a variety of research and design firms (Kelton Global Research, Insight Product Development, and Webb de Vlam to name a few) to conduct qualitative research projects for Fortune 100 clients, Ashleigh holds her BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois Chicago.

Ashleigh Williams, Research Director, C+R Research Joins Multicultural Marketing Resources’ Speakers Showcase

View a Q&A with Ashleigh about The African American Consumer – Trends, Statistics and Marketing Insights on the African American Shopper, Homeowner and Parent

Read about how black-owned businesses have been getting more publicity and customers since our recent civil unrest following the George Floyd protests in this article from Fortune. Ashleigh Williams told Fortune, “Brands are finally starting to realize the importance of investing in understanding Black people and other minorities with them.”


Speeches & Topics

African American Lifestyle and Ritual Trends
Unlocking Codeswitching and the Impact on Moderation/Research
Consumer Insights and Segmentation
Advertising to the AA Consumer in the US
Differences Among AA Generations
Qualitative Research
Multicultural Research Best Practices
Defining Cultural Identity + Affinity