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Dr. Alexandra DeCastro Arrivillaga

LatinTouch Agency
857-777-6283 (business), 1-774-285-6234 (cell)
280 Boylston Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Alexandra De Castro Arrivillaga is the Founder and CEO of LatinTouch and Disturbed Marketing. She has a background in business strategy, management and consulting, which has afforded her opportunities to create a number of businesses, each one serving a particular need in local communities. Her first business, Lock It Up, LLC, stemmed from a noisy security door located next to her apartment. The unlocking of the chain and the slamming of the metal door produced a deafening sound. Instead of simply dealing with the noise or moving, she created a business plan for affordable and quieter security systems. Lock It Up quickly grew because she knew her market and had a quality security solution for the small businesses in her neighborhood that were overlooked by larger security companies. The need to help local businesses improve their management practices and increase their revenue put her on the path to entrepreneurship.

In addition to her business acumen, Alexandra credits her education as a building block to her success. She strongly believes that an education is the key to opening many doors, no matter where you were born or your heritage. Growing up in a poor neighborhood in Boston, Alexandra would not have received a solid education if it weren’t for getting into Boston Latin. It was there that she discovered the key to advancement in life was knowledge. She made the decision to focus on going to college instead of ending up like the girls in her neighborhood. This didn’t go over so well with her traditional mother. Yet, Alexandra was determined to create a different life for herself.

Alexandra won a scholarship to Lesley University in Cambridge (MA), where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. From there, she went on to earn a Master’s in Management at Cambridge University in Cambridge. While getting her master’s degree and working full time, she started Lock It Up. It wasn’t long before she was dealing with Fortune 500 companies, such as Walmart and Pandora. Knowing there were more opportunities to help other businesses grow, she sold Lock It Up and launched Owl Management Consulting, a strategy and diversity consulting firm. She enjoyed helping minority business owners realize the full potential of their businesses. While not one to rest on her laurels, Alexandra also launched Proplex 5, LLC, and Social Biz, LLC. These experiences ignited the need to gain a deeper understanding of not just the elements of business organization, but how diversity in the workplace fostered productivity and increased the global economy. Thus, Alexandra earned a PhD in Business Organizational Behavior at North Central University in Minneapolis (MN).

Upon becoming a prominent business owner, she noticed that Latinos were not getting positive representation in all businesses. As one who embraces her Latino heritage, Alexandra made a commitment to solving this problem. She sold her businesses to create LatinTouch, which focuses on strategy and diversity consulting to ensure Latinos are truly represented in the business world. To help Latino businesses flourish, she recently launched Disturbed Marketing, which focuses on thinking-outside-of-the-box marketing practices.

It is not surprising that Alexandra is a strong business leader since leadership and business are in her blood. She comes from a long line of business leaders in Barranquilla, starting with her great grandfather, Diego A. De Castro. He was the first governor of Barranquilla, Colombia, and helped establish its economic infrastructure. Alexandra was born in Barranquilla and immigrated to America with her grandparents as a small child. Being a first-generation American is something she takes very seriously. Alexandra knows first-hand how immigrants are perceived and has worked hard to dispel the stereotype assigned to her. Her mother is Afro-Colombian, which added a new layer to the discrimination she has experienced since starting her first business. Alexandra’s diverse background has given her a unique insight into the challenges Latinos (and other minorities) encounter to own and operate a business.

While on her path to becoming the successful businesswoman she is today, Alexandra developed a passion for giving back to her community. She volunteers at the Cambridge Library and the Salvation Army. One of her main focuses is helping Metrowest and the Greater Boston Area Portuguese and Latino community; Alexandra speaks both Spanish and Portuguese and works to communicate and translate business aspects to them. When she is not working or volunteering, Alexandra loves to travel and has visited over 50 countries to date.

Speeches & Topics

Defining diversity in the business world OR The need to embrace diversity in the business world
How diversity opens us to new opportunities and experiences
Are we a product of our environment?
Unconventional business strategies
Business management
The importance of getting an education
Women in consulting
Equal opportunities in the business world
Latino businesses and leaders
The negative effects of society’s stereotypes