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Liz Castells

President & CEO
865 South Figueroa Street, Suite 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Liz Castells-Heard is President/CEO of INFUSION, a top Hispanic marketing agency with clients such as McDonald’s, Safeway, and Toyota. Liz is an industry force with a Stanford MBA, finance and psychology training, 30 years General market, Client and Hispanic experience including DDB NY, Campbell’s, Oriflame, Conill/Saatchi. Her strategic acumen, brains, ‘tell it like it is’ magnetic style and values make her a thought leader. Founded in 1998, Liz envisioned a different kind of Hispanic agency – one that made business results the priority and strategy the roadmap to creative solutions, with full immersion in a client’s business A to Z – a place run with energy, heart and candor; free of egos, BS or layers; with a sharp interdisciplinary team where creatives, suits and media alike are strategists, ideation is combustible and the outcome has no limits.

Liz’s vision led her to trademark Transculturation™ – a business-building model for effective cultural integration that guides companies to understand, address and integrate Hispanic into all the 5 P’s for seamless ethnic relevance. The approach leverages both commonalities and unique needs/opportunities, and applies overall ethnic planning filters, working closely with the company’s departments and agency partners. Her foresight has driven many companies to profitably integrate their brands into the Hispanic space, and Hispanic into their overall marketing.

Liz’s inspiration galvanized her team from the start, winning almost all its initial pitches then leading the agency to larger long-term clients who profited from a deeper strategic partnership, creating multi-targeted campaigns that earned ROI, awards and her “Our Fearless Leader” moniker. The agency didn’t waiver in the 2008 economic downturn, hit $100MM billings milestone in 2011, and now refocused to a more streamlined operating model culling core competencies for today’s dynamic environment. Tenacious in business, Liz is compassionate, caring and fiercely loyal. Her vision drives betterment in knowledge, skill-set and quality, and she’s consistently nominated to the top 10 Hispanic agency executives of the year awards.

Liz’s top personal cause is empowerment through education. She believes education is the equalizer to opportunity, especially critical for Hispanics who have the lowest college incidence.

Liz gets her passion for life from her father; her energy and survival instinct as a Cuban exile (reared on café); her fearlessness fed by growing up with challenging brothers, living a decade in NY and a liberating 350-ft. bungee jump in Africa; her optimism fostered by world travel and living in Europe, Puerto Rico and many U.S. cities; and free spirit fueled by her husband Alan of 28 years, who says, “Liz is a 7-month preemie born with her brain and mouth on overdrive.” Liz lives in L.A., shuffling between her main Altadena and La Quinta homes, when she’s not flying for business, on speaking tour or on another escapade with hubby. She believes in celebrating the small moments that give us the greatest joys in life. Her personal motto: “Anything is possible. Life’s hurdles and inequities strengthen, free and get us to fly to that next level.”

Speeches & Topics

Hispanic Marketing for ROI-Powered Ideas & Business Integration
Advertising to the Hispanic Consumer in the U.S.
Consumer Insights and Segmentation
Branding, Direct Marketing, Retail, & Activation
Connecting Across Ages & Lifestyle
Ambi-Cultural Movement: Impact of Acculturation
Research: Data Analytics and Metrics