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We can help you find a diverse source for any topic as well as experts on diversity and marketing to ethnic and niche consumers who are Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, LGBTQ and other consumers. We invite you to submit your query to Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. and team for a match up with selected experts.

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MMR is a PR and marketing firm that works with many experts in diversity and multicultural marketing: ad agencies, market research firms, PR and communications companies, media, consultants and corporate marketing and HR executives. We also represent women and minority business owners, as well as diverse sources from across all industries.

We can:

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To initiate a request please contact Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc., at, 212-242-3351.

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Previous/Recent Reporter Queries

“I am a freelance journalist reporting a story for Kaiser Health News about how the skin care industry and medical community have historically neglected to adequately address skin safety in communities of color. In particular, I am focusing on sun safety and skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. Is it possible to be connected with an expert who can speak to the advertising/marketing of sunscreen and skin safety products to people of color and how, or if, advertising/marketing efforts have changed over time? I would also be grateful for any market data that might be relevant to the story. Thank you for any consideration.” Kaiser Health News, June 17, 2022
Resulting article: theGrio, August 3, 2022 “Skin cancer is a risk for all skin tones, but may be overlooked in people with dark skin”

“I wanted to try and touch base with you this week for another article. I want to do a larger story about how companies struggle to reach and understand consumers of color. I know you’ve been receiving more requests for presentations, and I think what you’re seeing with your clients really speaks to the overall change that’s happening now. Companies want to do a better job marketing to multicultural communities, but they need to listen to those same voices to do it, and often we’re not in the room. I don’t know if any of your clients would be willing to speak to me, but I think it would be impactful to hear from a company that’s trying to do better. Would you have any availability Tuesday or Wednesday?” Fortune Magazine, August 9, 2020
Resulting article: “Will 2020’s racial reckoning lead to progress on marketing’s long-standing representation problems?”

“Hi Lisa, I’m writing a story about the timeliness of marketing to minority communities these days, and I’ve been talking to a few minority-owned marketing firms in Arkansas, but I wanted to also get a national perspective. First, are more companies overall targeting marketing toward minority groups, and if so, why? And why is this market becoming more prominent? What mechanisms are best for reaching these audiences? Is a minority-owned firm necessarily better at getting the message out? Thanks so much for your thoughts.” Arkansas Business, August 24, 2020
Resulting article: Seizing a Moment for Multicultural Marketing

“Hi, I hope you’re doing well. I’m looking for an expert who can talk to me about the statistics of Black founders who produce food products like chips, wine, etc… I’m hoping to find out how many Black business owners are in that sector and how often their products are purchased. I also had a question about the existence of “ethnic food aisles” and how prevalent that practice is today.” Fortune Magazine, July 23, 2020
Resulting article: Black-owned food businesses are seeing a surge in publicity and customers—and hope that investors are next

“Hey Lisa, Formerly of USA TODAY, I do all kinds of freelance writing now, including for National Retail Federation’s website where I do monthly Q&As of key retailers. NRF is asking me to come up with some timely and newsworthy Q&A ideas of African-American-owned (and other minority) retailers going forward. Got some specific ideas/contacts to share with me soonest? Thanks!” NRF, July 16, 2020
Resulting article: Black-owned barbershops and salons feel the impact of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter movement

“Reaching with an urgent request for an expert who might be able to share their thoughts to today on the controversy over Goya Foods: I’m looking to speak to a marketing expert who can speak to Hispanic consumer habits and spending power. Also, I would ask about the success of these product boycott calls in general. Do they tend to fizzle out? How worried should Goya be about this? I’m also curious about the choice factor – There doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice when it comes to Hispanic grocery products in the U.S. Also, I’m curious about what the incident tells us about the diversity of opinions with Hispanic community. Please let me know if there is someone who has time to chat by phone on short nice. I would need to talk to someone today as soon as they are able. Happy to cast a wide net given the urgent deadline, although I will likely only have time to speak to one or two and only have room in the story to quote one or two.” The Associated Press, July 07, 2020
Resulting article: ‘A slap in the face:’ Goya faces boycott over Trump praise

“Lisa, I was looking for some independent expert insight on P&G’s multicultural marketing efforts for an Ad Age story I’m doing. I just wanted a broad perspective on the job you think they’re doing. One of the main angles I’m looking at is how, in light of recent events, they’ve been prepared with content and on racism and bias (e.g. a recent Queen Collective film series sponsored on BET, ads like “The Talk” and “The Look” that could be run during a recent CBS special report on police violence, but simultaneously ads looking at the impact of COVID-19 on Hispanic people in the U.S., a new CNN-produced documentary on portrayal of LGBTQ+ people in advertising and media, a Take On Race initiative with participation from other companies that they launched in September, not this month).  I wanted to see if you might be available to talk about that, or could recommend someone who would.” Advertising Age, June 2020
Resulting article: WHAT P&G GOT RIGHT —AND WRONG— IN ITS DIVERSITY PUSH: An early focus paid off, but P&G’s top marketer says it is behind on its diversity hiring goals

“Hello, My colleague suggested I talk to you for an article I’m writing for the NBC news websites about corporate response to the killing of George Floyd and other acts of racism. I was wondering if you thought the response was different this time in terms of the number of companies speaking out directly against racial injustice and in solidarity and what is prompting it. If you’re available, here are my contacts.” NBCUniversal, June 2020
Resulting article: ‘To Be Silent Is Complicit’: As George Floyd Protests Erupt Some Corporations Take a Stand

“Hi Lisa, Wondered if you can share this with your partners… I’m looking for companies large and small who are pivoting their business to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Examples: LVMH to make hand sanitizer, or factories to make ventilator parts.  I am also looking for someone who can speak about the historical  role of business in global crises, such as world wars, 9/11. Ideas welcome.” NBCUniversal, March 2020

“As mentioned, I’m looking for stories about how Coronavirus is affecting advertising and marketing? Are clients cancelling ad plans? Events, travel? Is work from home being mandated?” NBCUniversal, March 2020

“I’m reaching out ask if you can help connect me with an expert who would be able talk about how companies and brands mark Black History Month. I wondered of more and more companies and brands are doing it and what are the positives and potential pitfalls of this. What makes a BHM-related collection or product launch or ad campaign successful? Why is it a good idea – or not – for companies and brands to get into this space.” AP Business Desk, February 2020

“I work for a trade magazine that focuses on what’s happening in grocery stores with generics and how retailers can attract more or new consumers to their generic brands. My article is specifically on how retailers can attract Asian Americans. I have already reached out to the typical Market Research firms (Nielsen, Hartman Group,, Mintel, etc.) so I thought your site might be able to hook me up with someone new!”

“I’m working on story for The Next Economy, a quarterly supplement to The National Journal (, which will explore the positive role that immigrant entrepreneurs play in the U.S. economy. In particular, it seems like many of these entrepreneurs have found ways to build companies in the U.S. that then export products and services to other countries around the world — creating U.S. jobs in the process. This also includes where larger Fortune 500-caliber companies hire employees based on their knowledge of world markets and opportunities. I’m hoping to connect with entrepreneurs and executives — as well as academics — that can talk about their own experiences with this trend. I’m a freelancer.”

“I’m hoping to conduct an on-camera interview today, or tomorrow morning, if today isn’t possible, with someone who is very familiar with the concept of multiculturalism. I will be using a soundbite or two from that interview for a report on multiculturalism in the United States compared with Europe.  I will only need about 5 minutes of the person’s time.
The types of questions I will ask:
–What is the definition of multiculturalism?
–Why do European leaders (in France, Germany and England) mean when they say it isn’t working in their countries?
–What are we doing differently in the United States, and is it working?
–Is there any reason we should do things differently in light of what’s happening in Egypt and Libya etc?
I am specifically looking for someone who can talk about multiculturalism from a global perspective, in light of what the Euopeans leaders said about it not working in their countries.
Interviews will be conducted in Chicago, New York and DC.”

“Reporter is working on articles about chocolate and rum and would like to speak with experts on those industries who can discuss the topics, especially if they can comment on and share a breakdown of consumer numbers by region, age, ethnicity/race, socioeconomic level, etc.”

“We are working on a supplement issue of Private Label Buyermagazine for December, specifically covering the Hispanic market. I am working on a feature story about Hispanic private-label success stories or a look at which supermarkets, mass retailers, etc., have successfully sold to this market (how and why). I’m also interested in lessons others can learn from their successes and missteps along the way.”

“Freelance journalist seeking to cover stories that impact women’s football (American Soccer) players in USA with a global perspective.  According to FIFA some 26 million girls and women play football globally.  In fact, participation in USA has increased over 210% in the last decade. In 2008,  US Youth Soccer recorded 3,148,114 registered players, of that 1,511,095 players were female players.  Many of my stories are tailored to the youth athlete, recreational player or to the families that support and inspire them.  Stories will focus on profiles, health & wellness, technical strategy and analyses, business & marketing, pop culture, politics and ethics, product reviews, merchandising, beauty & fashion, grassroots, social and multi-cultural communities.  
Seeking sources in the following categories:  Marketing Executives managing multicultural budgets and or involved in diversity initiatives;  Product Development – Merchandising & Design Executives or Managers; Corporate Social Responsibility Executives;  Merchandising & Product Management Executives; Visual Merchandising Executives; Sports Marketing Executives, Sales Executives; Legal & Governmental Affairs Executives, Manufacturing & Engineering; Corporate Communication & Media Executives; Civic Officials; Sports Medicine Professionals, Sports Science Professionals, Sports Psychology Professionals.  This list is by no means exhaustive but a good starting point.”

“I’m looking for unusual, quirky, or particularly successful (vs. ordinary) examples of direct mail campaigns from ethnically diverse sources at small- and medium-sized businesses. This is for a new section of Deliver Magazine that showcases 4 USPS direct mail campaigns in just 75 words each. This feature includes a head shot of the source, and because we want our sources to be as diverse as our readers, I’m actively seeking non-Caucasian sources (Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, etc.). Please respond with a brief description of the campaign and the outcome — maybe you scrubbed your list, used a different type of creative, incorporated personalization, or switched from a letter to a postcard or vice versa. (These are just examples, not requirements.) If you’re an agency or vendor, please make sure your client is on board before responding, since I’ll need access to them.”

“What CPG manufacturers are finding success in multicultural marketing by building their brands through retail in the areas of shopper marketing and in-store marketing?”

“I am a freelance writer for several business-to-business and consumer-oriented publications, including TVNewsCheck and I regularly seek experts on diversity and marketing to Hispanics and other ethnic groups with expertise in media, broadcasting, TV, cable industry and media buying, among other topics. If you’d like to join my source list, please send me an email describing your area of expertise together with your contact information.”