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Theatre Development Fund (TDF) and the Broadway League Launch Theatre Access NYC

Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016

Theatre Development Fund and The Broadway League are Breaking Barriers to Broadway with the launch of Theatre Access NYC, a new website designed to assist theatregoers with disabilities in finding accessible performances of Broadway  productions. This website is a way to help theatregoers with physical disabilities or autism and other sensory sensitivities find Broadway shows with the particular type of accessibility service they require. Theatre Access NYC is an intuitive, user-friendly show finder that allows users to filter and sort through dozens of Broadway shows based on accessibility, and provides details including dates, times and ticket availability for accessible performances. TDF and The Broadway League worked with their developer to conform to web accessibility standards, ensuring that all people with all disabilities are able to access the site. Among the services listed are: Mobility issues – wheelchair access, info on stairs/elevators in theatres, accessible restrooms, water fountains, etc; Mild to severe hearing loss – theatres that regularly provide iCaption units (handheld closed caption units) and assistive listening devices (headphone units that amplify the sound onstage), as well as listings of upcoming specially scheduled open captioned and sign language interpreted performances; Mild to severe vision loss – theatres that always provide D-scriptive audio devices (which provide a detailed account of all onstage activity) as well as listings for upcoming specially scheduled audio described performances); and Autism friendly performances – upcoming scheduled autism/sensory friendly performances (creating a safe, supportive environment for an audience of families with children and adults on the autism spectrum. The shows are performed with minor adjustments to lighting and sound cues). For more information, visit