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Outlook for Multicultural Marketing and Diversity in 2023 – Your Multicultural Marketing News December 2022 Newsletter

Friday, Dec 30, 2022
Multicultural Marketing News December 2022

Outlook for Multicultural Marketing and Diversity in 2023

MMR asked top experts, from among those featured in our Source Book of Multicultural Experts Online, to provide their Outlook for 2023 from a multicultural perspective. Enjoy our 12th annual edition of this newsletter published since 2011. This is the first of 2 special issues. Check back in Jan 2023 for more point of view mini essays. View past issues.

  • Don’t Water Down Your Multicultural Marketing Message (Illumin)
  • Making Multicultural the Mainstream (C+R Research)
Don’t water down your multicultural marketing message
North America demographics are changing: In the US, multicultural segments (all ethnic segments except White Non-Hispanics), currently make up 40% of the U.S. population and are expected to increase while the White Non-Hispanic population continues a downward trend. It’s tempting for marketers to simply cast a wider net with their marketing efforts through inclusive marketing but that can backfire in the long term. They risk alienating sub segments of their audience and watering down their message when they try to talk to everyone at once. So how does one do multicultural advertising the right way? There are several best practices but meeting the audience where they are and examining cultural context (beyond language) should be top of mind. For instance, 50% of Spanish-dominant and 24% of English-dominant Hispanics declared themselves “much more loyal toward companies that show appreciation for [their] culture”, meaning that organizations that take the time to cater to specific audiences could see a higher return on their marketing investments. Meeting your audience where they are doesn't mean postering specific neighborhoods. Instead, ask yourself questions about recent events that could specifically affect them, whether your business fulfills the same needs for this particular subset as it does for others, and the emotional triggers and channels that separate this audience. Do these questions seem obvious? Sure, but it’s important to go through this process whenever you initiate a campaign targeted a specific multicultural audience. Language is also important. Simply translating an existing campaign to another language can fall short. Without the context of what’s appropriate to talk about within a culture, a translated campaign could end up as brand disaster. Although it’s a complex topic, now is always the best time to get started on a multicultural marketing campaign. If you can relate to these audiences on a more personal level, customer loyalty is not far behind. By Mark Cluett, Director of Digital Marketing, illumin,
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Making Multicultural the Mainstream
As 2022 ends, some analysts are more optimistic than others about predicting whether the economy is headed into a recession. In preparation for a potential recession, some brands are buckling up. However, even with this potential change on the horizon, we’re encouraged to see an increase in culturally relevant marketing for the Hispanic, Black/African American, LGBTQIA+, and AAPI segments, which I hope will continue moving forward. During the ANA Multicultural and Diversity conference this year, many industry thought leaders shared examples of how multicultural consumers look for brands that embrace and celebrate their vibrant cultures. These consumers are more willing to stick with brands they feel represent them or connect with them meaningfully. So, brands can create generations of loyal consumers by actively seeking out Multicultural consumers. While it is tempting to think about cutting multicultural budgets in times of recession, this is a good reminder that multicultural marketing is the biggest growth opportunity for most brands. The 2020 Census results confirmed the growth of multicultural populations and the influence multicultural consumers have on mainstream culture. Their ability to tell if brands are making authentic connections can impact your sales. There are over 140 million multicultural consumers in the US alone, with an impressive spending power of $3.2 trillion. With such massive spending power, brands can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore multicultural consumers, even as advertising budgets tighten. Multicultural consumers are mainstream consumers who appreciate brands that speak to them. By Ana Villodres, Senior Qualitative Director, C+R Research,
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