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New Diversity Affluence Study Reveals Affluent African American Travel Up 30 Percent

Wednesday, Sep 12, 2012

Travel among Affluent African Americans has increased by 30 percent in the past three years according to a new research report. The study also shows approximately 60 percent of the target group takes at least five overnight business trips and two-thirds of those traveling spend a minimum of $2,000. The findings come at a time when the overall travel and tourism industry is experiencing downturns due to the current economy. “The significance of the findings is not just in the surprising fact of an increase in travel among the Affluent African American market, but also how these trends impact industries outside of traditional travel and tourism,” says Andrea Hoffman, founder and CEO of Diversity Affluence. “Restaurants, advertising companies, insurance companies, chambers of commerce, and arts organizations are only a few of the ancillary industries that also benefit from the increased travel among Affluent African Americans.”  Key findings in the study include affluent African Americans travel frequently and they travel with others. Despite challenging economic conditions, this group is traveling more than ever with almost half of all respondents increasing their travel over the past three years. More than three-quarters of study respondents traveled with family and friends. By marketing to Affluent African Americans, businesses reach a larger market and thus experience a greater return on investment. Diversity Affluence, a diversity research, marketing communications and business development consultancy that uniquely helps brands and businesses understand and market to affluent ethnic consumers. Visit