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Multicultural Marketing News – Multicultural Communications Month

Tuesday, Apr 04, 2023
Multicultural Marketing News April 2023

Multicultural Communications Month

In this issue:
  • Identify, Deliver and Optimize Your Multicultural Marketing Campaigns (Claritas)
  • “Cultural Fluency: It’s Time to Take Multicultural to the Mainstream” (Collage Group)
Identify, Deliver and Optimize Your Multicultural Marketing Campaigns
Know More About The Multicultural Consumer Market
The recent release of the 2020 U.S. Census data highlights the significance of multicultural consumers to U.S. marketers. The current Multicultural population is 147M or 44% of the U.S. population and is projected to grow to more than 160M or 47% by 2028. The non-Hispanic White population has decreased, while multicultural groups have grown, particularly the Hispanic population. Claritas’ 2023 Annual Demographic Update estimates that as of January 2023, there will be almost 66.5M Hispanics in the U.S., comprising almost 20% of the population, and projected to exceed 74M in 2028, representing almost 22% of the population. For marketers to effectively engage these multicultural audiences, they must first understand them at the most granular level, such as their likes, dislikes, demographics and behavioral preferences. Marketers must also know how, when, and where to engage these consumers.
To facilitate this, Claritas, a data-driven marketing technology company has assembled one of the most robust, industry-leading proprietary data sets on multicultural consumers. With a 360-degree view of multicultural audiences, companies like Claritas are able to help marketers across all industries more effectively identify the ideal audiences, deliver effective multichannel campaigns, and measure the impact campaigns have on driving conversions and improving ROI. For the most comprehensive insights into multicultural audiences, visit Gain insights into over 147M multicultural consumers by acculturation, country of origin, preferred language, lifestyle preference, technology behaviors, media preferences, shopping behaviors and much more. And use these insights to effectively engage the fast-growing multicultural population, now and into the near future.
View full company profile here.
“Cultural Fluency: It’s Time to Take Multicultural to the Mainstream”
Cultural Fluency is an innovative marketing approach for brands to connect with a wide range of culturally distinct segments that make up modern mainstream. It breaks the traditional marketing trade-off between niche and mainstream marketing by finding new ways to activate culturally specific insight to accelerate broad success.
Recent research shows that most marketing organizations have not yet caught up with this opportunity. Despite the vast amount of advertising spend, consumers think only 37% of campaigns show that advertisers have “done their research” in authentically representing diverse consumers.
Leading brands are making Cultural Fluency a top priority from the outset, they define mainstream as diverse, and apply multicultural insights at the core of marketing plans.
These brands are using cultural insights, not through blending and homogenizing, but through “halo effects,” leveraging culturally specific stories that resonate with everyone.
Cultural Fluency accelerates growth. Grounding representation in cultural specifics that work across many segments helps brands achieve higher marketing ROI, higher loyalty, and more rewarding performance.
Brands can’t win with a mentality that multicultural marketing is incremental to mainstream strategy. Instead, winners make Cultural Fluency the currency for everything they do. By David Evans, Chief Insights Officer, Collage Group.
View full company profile here.
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