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Multicultural Marketing News – June is LGBTQ Pride Month

Tuesday, Jun 04, 2024

Multicultural Marketing News June 2024

June is LGBTQ Pride Month

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In this issue:

  • Sensis Unveils Groundbreaking PRIDE Month Collaboration for Partner Chispa App (Sensis)
  • LGBTQs Are Looking For Meaningful Connections (Community Marketing & Insights)
  • Ensuring Authenticity in LGBTQ+ Brand Campaigns Beyond Parades and Rainbows (C+R)
  • Diverse and Inclusive Representation Is Important to LGBTQIA+ and Younger Audiences (Horowitz Research)
  • Not Enough Asian Stories for June Pride (Sparkle Insights)
  • Keeping the Family Close This Pride Month – Celebrating the Power of Community (Bold Culture LLC)
  • Pride 2024 (Rivendell Media)


  • Get Loud and Proud at these Garden State Pride Celebrations

Featured Books

  • Multicultural Intelligence: Eight Make-or-Break Rules for Marketing to Race, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation by David R. Morse
Sensis Unveils Groundbreaking PRIDE Month Collaboration for Partner Chispa App

In celebration of PRIDE Month, Sensis, a leading multicultural marketing, and public relations agency, has ideated an innovative partnership between partner Chispa, the premier dating app for Latine singles, and acclaimed artist and activist, Julio Salgado. Led by Sensis Public Relations Director, Nicolás Villar, a seasoned queer Latine marketing communications specialist, this project marks a significant milestone in inclusive brand campaigns. Julio Salgado, known for his impactful artwork and activism, has collaborated with Chispa to curate a collection of five PRIDE-themed in-app stickers exclusively for Chispa users. Each sticker is a vibrant testament to diversity, self-expression, and solidarity within the LGBTQ+ community. From “Fluid” to “Gender Explorer,” these stickers reflect the multifaceted identities of Chispa users and celebrate the beauty of queer culture. Beyond spreading joy and visibility, this collaboration carries a deeper purpose. For every PRIDE sticker displayed on a Chispa user’s profile, the app will donate $1 to the Human Rights Campaign, with a minimum contribution of $5,000. This initiative not only fosters connection but also drives tangible support for LGBTQ+ advocacy and rights. Julio Salgado’s journey as an undocumented, queer artivist infuses the campaign with authenticity and significance. Through his artwork, Salgado amplifies marginalized voices and underscores the importance of representation in digital spaces. By incorporating elements of his personal narrative into the sticker designs, Salgado brings depth and authenticity to the collaboration. “As PRIDE Month draws near, Sensis and Chispa extend a warm invitation to join us in the celebration. Let’s come together to embrace diversity, champion authenticity, and forge a world where every voice is not only heard but celebrated.” – Nicolás Villar, Public Relations Director at Sensis

For partnership opportunities, contact Sensis PR Director, Nicolás Villar, at

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LGBTQs are looking for meaningful connections

Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) has been researching and observing LGBTQ+ market trends for over three decades. This puts us in a unique position to monitor the community, and advise marketers accordingly. 

If you want to stand out, stop looking to (and copying) other marketing and advertising. Historically, marketers have made an impact when they take a political stand; make a genuine, heartfelt connection with a message that demonstrates real support for the broader LGBTQ+ family; and/or create a unique campaign that is funny or clever… and resonates.

CMI’s recent 17th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey study on nearly 15,000 LGBTQ Americans clearly shows that what moves LGBTQ+ market share is not as much what you say, or how you say it. It is what you do. See page 25 of the report. The priority of any marketer should be to earn and/or maintain credibility in the following ways:

  1. Take a political stand to support LGBTQ+ equality
  2. Take a political stand to support transgender rights
  3. Actively support your LGBTQ+ employees
  4. Have a 12-month LGBTQ+ outreach plan (not just during Pride month)
  5. Donate money to LGBTQ+ non-profits
  6. Have LGBTQ+ representation / images in your general population ads
  7. Sponsor local Pride celebrations

Then, by all means advertise! You need to leverage all communications to tell your story about the great things that you are doing with, and for, the LGBTQ+ community. Now, in these charged political times, your involvement and explicit presence are increasingly important, and can literally save lives. That is an empowering responsibility, if you authentically want to earn LGBTQ+ loyalty and spend.

Thomas Roth, Founder and President

David Paisley, Senior Research Director

LGBTQ, Inc./ Community Marketing & Insights

View company profile here.

Ensuring Authenticity in LGBTQ+ Brand Campaigns Beyond Parades and Rainbows

Just a few short years ago, we were celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and this June  marks its 55th anniversary and the birth of Pride. On that fateful morning, the gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer people who fought back against their oppressors didn’t have the support of the police, brands, or many outside of their own community, yet they persevered and united to demand change. In recent years, Pride has become more retail than riot, with more brands than ever participating in Pride parades nationwide, offering Pride merchandise in their stores, and advertising to the LGBTQ+ community. And while some advertising campaigns have done well connecting with the community, others have made missteps, creating backlash that caused them to pull the advertisements or merchandise from their stores. This may cause other brands to feel cautious about advertising to the LGBTQ+ community or participating in Pride. The key to successful LGBTQ+ campaigns is a deep understanding of the community and their attitudes today; attitudes that foster a genuine and authentic connection and emphasize standing by your values even in the face of backlash and vocal scrutiny. CultureBeat®, the multicultural division of C+R Research, specializes in understanding multicultural consumers, including the LGBTQ+ community. We offer a blend of deep research expertise and in-culture experience, partnering with our clients to help them understand the LGBTQ+ community and guide them in successfully connecting with the LGBTQ+ community. This June for Pride Month, let us remember how far we’ve come, how big a difference a small action can make, and come together to continue making strides of progress for the LGBTQ+ community and all marginalized groups. Happy Pride!

By Anna Rossi, Quantitative Research Director, C+R Research

View company profiles here and here.

Diverse and Inclusive Representation Is Important to LGBTQIA+ and Younger Audiences

The ACLU is tracking a record number of over 500 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills waiting to be passed across the United States. On television, the number of LGBTQIA+ characters in scripted shows decreased by over 120 since last year on broadcast, cable, and streaming networks, as reported by GLAAD. In the wake of some legislative backlash and a decline in media representation, Pride Month is a pivotal moment to uplift the LGBTQIA+ community and their stories. Diverse and inclusive content is important to both LGBTQIA+ audiences and younger (18-34 year-old) audiences overall. Two thirds (66%) of LGBTQIA+ content viewers say that they are more likely to watch a show that is inclusive of LGBTQIA+ characters, according to the State of Media, Entertainment, and Tech: FOCUS LGBTQIA+ report. A third of 18-34 year-olds are also more likely to watch a show with LGBTQIA+ characters and stories. LGBTQIA+ and younger audiences want to see their identities reflected in media and advertising. Ads featuring diverse people, lifestyles, and cultures have a positive impact on brand perceptions for more than 7 in 10 (71%) LGBTQIA+ consumers and 6 in 10 younger audiences in general. Beyond Pride Month, it’s important for brands, marketers, and advertisers to make sustained efforts for LGBTQIA+ representation and allyship.

By Adriana Waterston, EVP and Insights & Strategy Lead, Horowitz Research,

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Not Enough Asian Stories for June Pride

How many people do you know are Asian and identify as LGBT?

The Williams Institute’s 2021 report, “AAPI LGBT Adults in the U.S.: LGBT Well-Being at the Intersection of Race,” sheds light on a significant demographic within the LGBT community. Of the 11.3 million LGBT adults in the U.S., approximately 40% belong to minority groups, with 3% identifying as Asian American or Pacific Islander (AAPI). This translates to roughly 685,000 AAPIs who grapple with a distinctive set of challenges. Yet, these statistics only scratch the surface of the complexities faced by Asian American LGBT individuals. Rooted in cultural norms and familial expectations, many struggle to reconcile their sexual or gender identities with societal pressures. Coming out, a pivotal moment for many LGBT individuals, becomes a daunting prospect amidst fears of rejection or violence, exacerbated by deeply ingrained traditions. Moreover, language barriers further isolate AAPI LGBT individuals, hindering their access to crucial support systems and community resources. Mainstream LGBT spaces often lack cultural sensitivity, compounding feelings of alienation. Discrimination, both within their communities and broader society, adds another layer of challenge, impacting employment, healthcare, and social opportunities. Shockingly, the report reveals disparities in health insurance coverage, with 13% of AAPI LGBT adults uninsured compared to 10% of their non-LGBT counterparts. Even within the LGBT community, harmful stereotypes persist, such as the derogatory term “rice queen.” Only recently have movies and shows like “Fire Island”, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, and “Never Have I” begun to spotlight the nuanced experiences of Asian American LGBT individuals, bringing their struggles to the forefront. Despite these obstacles, many AAPI LGBT individuals exhibit remarkable resilience, forming supportive networks and advocating for change. Their experiences underscore the pressing need for intersectional activism and support systems, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by those navigating multiple layers of marginalization. In celebration of June Pride, Sparkle Insights is privileged to provide profound insights into the distinctive challenges faced by Asian American LGBT individuals. Utilizing meticulous analytics and a culturally attuned perspective, our goal is to cultivate a deeper understanding of this intricate demographic. Rooted in empathy, our approach delivers nuanced insights and practical recommendations to assist you in authentically engaging with this diverse community and effectively meeting their needs.

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Keeping the Family Close This Pride Month – Celebrating the Power of Community

Bold Culture’s theme for pride this year is Keeping the Family Close! Ongoing attacks against the LGBTQIA community, and DEIABJ overall, should remind us that in the most dubious times, we have to keep our given and/or chosen families close. We understand the importance of love and support in the face of hate. It’s how overlooked communities have survived for centuries. We have some resources to support you in Keeping the Family close in your way (through internal or external PRIDE celebrations).

Download our free reports Spectrum Vol. 1, Edited by Tre’Vell Anderson and  

Spectrum Vol. 2: When The Image Speaks Back, Edited by Fatima Jamal

Work with us to increase your PRIDE campaigns (internal and external) – Our Inclusive Marketing Consulting, Learning & Development, Research, and Community Network services will help you authentically connect with members of the LGBTQIA community in exciting and engaging ways.


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Pride 2024

Rivendell Media is the leading expert in LGBTQ media in the US and Canada. We make it simple, easy, and profitable to recommend and utilize LGBTQ media for any campaign. As one of the oldest Certified LGBTQ businesses in the US, we have worked on almost every LGBTQ campaign that you have ever seen as we have been doing this 1979. We represent 95% of all LGBTQ digital and print media properties in the US and provide complete turnkey advertising solutions for any LGBTQ consumer campaign. Spirits, travel, financial, automotive, and pharmaceutical are the largest advertising categories that currently target the LGBTQ consumer in our own media. Spirits because most LGBTQ media is available right at the local LGBTQ bar. Travel is all about the terrific LGBTQ travel statistics and wanting a welcoming and safe destination. Finances are personal and this consumer wants to go somewhere that won’t make them feel uncomfortable. Automotive started when a brand noticed they were appealing to lesbians and wanted to show their support and expand their sales with this group overall and so much about this category is trendsetting. Pharmaceutical started with HIV/AIDS drugs but expanded since LGBTQ media is mostly male oriented and there are very few good places outside of expensive sports advertising to effectively reach a mostly male audience. Additionally, LGBTQs over index on several health issues like hepatitis, mental health, and obesity to name a few. I have always thought that if I was in a competitive business, outreach to the LGBTQ consumer would put my product or service over the top of my competition. I think of the cola wars of old, McDonald’s vs Burger King, Mercedes vs BMW and the wide array of other competitive consumer products we have today like the new streaming services- all of which have good LGBTQ content- campaigns to this consumer can make all the difference to the bottom line and their market share. LGBTQ consumer research has showed consistently that this consumer wants to be marketed to and will support products and services that ask for their business. Additionally, I don’t think enough companies recognize that aside from the size of this market alone- it really is much bigger when you count the families of and social extensions of LGBTQ consumers. It is a savvy consumer but also one that is very easy to reach through its own media. Fun fact, print still dominates LGBTQ media and we estimate that near 90% of LGBTQ digital content comes directly from LGBTQ print products- therefore it is no surprise that if you add print with your digital campaign, on average it should do about 30% better than digital alone.

View full company profile here.


Get Loud and Proud at these Garden State Pride Celebrations

Asbury Park, New Jersey is an iconic Jersey Shore town with a rich history and vibrant LGBTQ community. While the town hosts events year-round, summertime is when it comes alive with festivals and concerts. As early as the 1930’s Asbury Park had gay clubs, even at a time when LGBTQ folks were widely unaccepted for who they are. The LGBTQ community is credited for revitalizing the city and making it a place where people could be themselves. Pride Event: Atlantic City, a popular resort city in South Jersey with diverse people, food, and activities will have no shortage of fun for visitors looking to spend their Pride on the shore. This year’s lineup of events includes a “Stilettos & Spurs” Pride Kickoff at Anchor Rock Club inspired by the excitement surrounding Beyonce’s #1 Country Album, Cowboy Carter, on June 14th. Local contestants will compete for a grand prize at North 2 Shore’s Dancing Under the Rainbow, a charitable showcase event where contestants will be coached by local professional dancer, Arlin Padilla. Visitors can close out their Pride month with the 2nd Annual Atlantic City Pride Sunset Cruise on July 12th, which is a ticketed event with limited space available Haddon Township will kick off Pride month celebrations at their 4th Annual Haddon Township Pride Parade + Events also known as HT Pride. This year’s Pride Parade + After Party will take place June 6 from 6pm-10pm along Haddon Avenue and will feature vibrant performances from the LGBTQ+ community and allies. Hoboken like many other towns in the garden state, has a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign which evaluates discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity making it an ideal town to spend Pride in. Hoboken’s Official Pride Party and the Hoboken Pride Crawl will both take place on Saturday, June 22 for an epic day of fun. Jersey City has a deep history of celebrating diverse people and received a perfect score of 100 from the Human Rights Campaign, Pride celebrations in Jersey City are can’t-miss events. For some exciting places to spend your downtime at, check out Six26, whose name pays homage to the date the Marriage Equality Act was passed and features a downstairs lounge as well as a rooftop bar & lounge area or LGBTQ-owned craft distillery. Other events include: Montclair PrideMorris County Pride FestivalNewark’s 2024 Pride Festival.

Featured Books

Multicultural Intelligence: Eight Make-or-Break Rules for Marketing to Race, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation

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