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Multicultural Marketing News – February 2016

Thursday, Feb 11, 2016
 Multicultural Marketing News
February 2016
What’s Inside:

“Super Bowl Commentary 2016” Ads Analysis: A Multicultural Perspective
Black History Month
2016 is The Year of the Monkey
Here is your latest edition of Multicultural Marketing News, the newsletter published by Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc.,
In this issue:
Super Bowl Ads Multicultural Commentary

  • Ethnic Technologies – Super Bowl 50: Those Who Get it, Got it
  • Campbell Communications – Super Bowl 50 Advertising WAZ UP!
Black History Month

  • TDW+Co Creates Black History Month Campaign for High-School Students
Asian Lunar New Year

  • E-Tech Celebrates Asian Lunar New Year – ‘Year of the Monkey’ Beginning February 8, 2016
  • MIKADO Marketing & Unilever International Ring in the Chinese New Year
  • Emprendedora – Welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey!

  • ISA – Advertisers and Audience Lose When Oscars’ Lack Diversity
Meet the Experts

  • AAAZA, Inc.
  • Identity (IPG/Mediabrands)
  • Opinion Access Corp.
Featured Events

  • The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, March 29-31, 2016
  • 5th Annual Multicultural Health National Conference, Oct 25-26, 2016, Philadelphia
Job Opportunity

  • Fuse, LLC
Super Bowl Ads Multicultural Commentary
Super Bowl ads have, once again, provoked commentary from marketing experts who target Hispanic, Asian American, African American and other Multicultural markets. MMR asked top experts, from among those featured in our Source Book of Multicultural Experts Online, to provide their analysis of the Super Bowl ads from a multicultural perspective.

Super Bowl 50: Those Who Get it, Got it
There are three kinds of people who watched Super Bowl 50 – those rooting for The Panthers or The Broncos, those who crashed a party for the free snacks and finally, that small group of people who look forward to the much anticipated commercials. And as commercials go, there were no big stand outs. However, as the trend has gone in multicultural marketing, those who get, got it. As usual, automotive and soft drink companies, who dominated the ad space, understand the buying and influential power of ethnic markets. For example, the Buick, Pepsi and BMW ads not only featured a diverse cast, but used a number of African American, Women and LGBT, celebrities as the main stars of the commercial. Another refreshing observation, which seems lost amongst some advertisers, was the inclusion of 50+ actors, as the focus. Budweiser did a great job casting Helen Mirren in their anti-drunk driving ad and Audi’s story of a retired astronaut and his son was very touching. Overall, we’re still not seeing the type of inclusion that mirrors today’s ethnic population. Advertisers are still defaulting to what they think “sells”. Perhaps one day, marketers will realize that diversity is what sells. Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales, Ethnic Technologies, 866-333-8324 ext.117 or
Super Bowl 50 Advertising WAZ UP!

There were a lot of memorable ads in this year’s Super Bowl pool of Advertising! I am happy to say there was a lot of diversity than observed in the past and far less stereo typical images presented. On balance, while there were a few ads with over the top visuals, it was less ads for art’s sake and more well-crafted communications, Perhaps there was a little too much reliance on celebrities, like the automobile commercials.. However, when they were used in some cases there was a smart use of diversity like the Amazon Echo spot with Alec Baldwin, Missy Elliot and Dan Marino. Jeep gets the MVP for diversity in both of their offerings. Not just different facial hues, they went beyond race to a broader inclusion of gender and sexual preference, culture and professions. What was missing was the special commercial that created lasting buzz. The Budweiser “Waz Up” commercial comes to mind that bordered on a stereo typical characterization of African Americans. Yet its tongue in cheek approach made it resonate with a wide range of audiences for a very, long time. It is in the top ten Super Bowl ads of all time. The pendulum has swung to more credible diversity and it seems that along with it comes safer advertising. By Ron Campbell, President & CEO, Campbell-Communications, Inc. ron@campbell-communications.com917-783-1501.
Black History Month
TDW+Co Creates Black History Month Campaign for High-School Students
Seattle-based TDW+Co has partnered with California energy provider Pacific Gas & Electric to celebrate Black History Month with a contest rewarding students who pay it forward in their community. To enter, high-school students in California must create a 200-word essay talking about what they do to make their community a better place in volunteering, leadership, and anything else. They also must send a photo of themselves doing the work and post it on social media.  The winner will get an education technology prize pack to prepare them for college, which includes a MacBook Pro, an iPad Air, Beats headphones, a laptop backpack, and more. The really unique prize, however, is a video starring the winner as they show and talk about what they do for their community, bringing attention to both their neighborhood and their cause. Learn more about the contest at and about TDW+Co at www.tdwandco.comContact: Gloria Wang Shawber, 206-437-9857, 
Asian Lunar New Year
E-Tech Celebrates Asian Lunar New Year – ‘Year of the Monkey’ Beginning February 8, 2016
February 8, 2016 will mark the beginning of The Year of The Monkey, the Asian Lunar New Year, one of the largest and most festive celebrations for the Asian American Community. Celebrated by Asian American groups including Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean Americans, the Lunar New Year is an event where family and friends come together to wish each other happiness and pay respect to ancestors. Traditionally, the festivities start 22 days prior to the New Year and continue for 15 days afterwards.  The Lunar New Year is represented by a cycle of 12 years, each denoted by a different animal. This year, the Year of the Monkey, is the ninth animal in the Chinese horoscope. The E-Tech Challenge Guarantee: There is nothing we love more than to show people the powerful multicultural marketing capabilities of our product.  Please contact us for a free analysis of your customer data and how we can help you reach the newest, fastest growing and highest dollar value groups of people to market to in the United States, Canada, Brazil, etc. For more information contact: Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales, 866-333-8324 ext.117

MIKADO Marketing & Unilever International Ring in the Chinese New Year
Chinese Americans, the largest immigrant group of Asian origin celebrate the New Year by indulging themselves with culinary treats and fanfare much like they do in their homeland. MIKADO Marketing and Unilever International are honored to be participating in the community’s festivities. It has been magnificent to rejoice with a vast cross-section of the community in New York, be it through the CNY floor graphics and parking lot billboards in prominent malls, or the Lunar New Year Gala Food Show. Branded in-store displays in 99 Ranch stores, customized restaurant menus and the Lunar New Year Street Fair, allowed us to strengthen our bond with the community in California. We continue to celebrate with Chinese Americans in various parts of the country through media such as TV, mobile apps and social media platforms. Here’s hoping that the Year of the Monkey brings everyone happiness, wealth and longevity! For more information about MIKADO’s multicultural marketing expertise, contact: Jeannie Yip, Strategist, at
Welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey!

The Chinese are well known for celebrating the New Year by associating it with an animal and one of the five elements, and 2016 is not the exception. The Year of the Fire Monkey begins February 8, 2016 and ends January 27, 2017 and although many activities surround the celebration, in general, it is marked by visits to family and friends, special meals, fireworks, and gift giving. As we move forward, we will see ourselves immersed in the Year of the Fire Monkey, which according to their tradition, should make this a year full of surprises, discoveries, and “flammable” emotions! Regardless of our beliefs, every culture has its own traditions when it comes to welcoming a new year, so that the year starts bright, in good fortune, and full of good vibes.  Ancient Hispanics were not the exception. The Mayans, the Aztecs and the Incas, among others, also celebrated the New Year by attributing it to an animal and an element of the cosmos. However, as our calendars were adapted to fit the western traditions, our traditions also adopted a different approach.Today, our celebrations are far from the peaceful and harmonious traditions our ancestors practiced.  We have created a “melting celebration pot” that blends our ancient pagan beliefs, the religious traditions of our conquerors, and the mundane and fun superstitions of the new paganism, such as walking around the block with a suitcase, wearing a certain color of underwear, or drinking cider and grapes as the clock strikes twelve. One thing is true, every New Year opens a door to refreshing energies, new experiences, opportunities and expectations, and anything goes when it comes to connecting our soul with a little of those amazing, new uprising positive flowing energies. Happy Chinese New Year! For more information contact: Sandra Gomez Obregon, Chief of Strategy & Implementation, Emprendedora – Multi-Cultural Marketing Solutions, 210-459-2280
Advertisers and Audience Lose When Oscars’ Lack Diversity
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences faced a slew of criticism last month after announcing the 2016 Oscar nominees. For the second year in a row, black actors and directors were basically excluded from the 88th Academy Awards Ceremony. Protesters took to Twitter, and using the #OscarSoWhite hashtag, called for a boycott of the broadcast. Major celebrities, including filmmaker Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett Smith, joined the fray and declared that they would not be attending the awards show. So where does this leave advertisers? This year, a 30-second spot on television’s third-most-expensive live event fetched 2.2 million dollars. ABC had sold nearly all of the Oscars’ ad spots before the controversial announcement. So far no sponsors have pulled out of the broadcast, slated for February 28. However, media experts speculate that ABC will feel the repercussions during negotiations over next year’s ad placements. (Unfortunately for them, since they have no say over who is nominated.) Additionally, companies may choose to quietly scale back social media blitzes originally designed to augment their Oscar ads. It’s truly unfortunate that the polemic nature of the Oscar nominations may drive away viewers from one of the few remaining television events with the potential to draw a multicultural audience. The increasingly fragmented nature of today’s television-viewing public is causing multicultural advertisers to rely on niche programs and channels. The larger audience is thereby deprived of exposure to multicultural ads and messages. In short, everyone loses. Let’s hope that the Academy chooses to be more inclusive next year, and we can look forward to an award show free of controversy and full of multicultural advertisements. By Michael Halberstam, Chairman, Interviewing Service of America,, 818-756-7305 and Adriana Hemans, Marketing Coordinator, SoapBoxSample,, 818-756-7429
Meet the Experts
Strategic. Creative. With over ten years of experience in the advertising industry, these two words have defined how we manage our client portfolio and their ad campaigns. AAAZA is a full-service agency with multi-cultural capabilities tapping into all platforms that include broadcast, print, interactive, social, mobile, and experiential marketing. More than just being their partners, we are our clients’ extension into the Asian American market. We are dedicated to transforming brands with powerful campaigns that deliver meaningful, measurable, and lasting impact. AAAZA always strives for excellent creative storytelling while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Multifaceted cultural knowledge distinguishes us, passion for exceeding expectations motivates us. For more information, please contact Jay Kim, Managing Director, AAAZA, Inc., 213-380-8333,
Identity (IPG/Mediabrands)
Identity is a full service marketing agency designed to engineer growth for brands. With over 35+ years of experience we focus on Growth Segments (African American/Black, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT) that are driving the US population in size and economic clout. By immersing brands into these cultures we create moments that matter. We are also an agency without borders and focus on International markets as well. As an IPG/Mediabrands agency, we have access to a global network that has the best resources in the industry, from research to channel planning to analytics. Additionally, we invest in proprietary tools to add more context and texture to our analysis of this multi-faceted consumer. We are headquartered in New York, with offices in Detroit and Los Angeles. Our services include: strategic/brand planning; media planning and buying; creative/content strategies, development and production; translations and transcreations.

For more information, please contact

Deidre Smalls-Landau, EVP Managing Director,

Identity (IPG/Mediabrands), 917-576-4322,

Opinion Access Corp.
Opinion Access Corp. is the Bilingual English/Spanish and Multicultural data collection expert. We are not only the expert, we were on the ground floor of recognizing the trend and developing a dedicated division for the African American and Hispanic markets over 16 years ago, even before the 2000 Census proved the explosion of the Spanish consumer market. That makes us the pioneers in the industry with 400+ stations and the knowledge and capability that you can trust. And, we save you money by lowering our operating costs with our Dominican Republic facility. We offer the same high quality and expertise, with your day-to-day project coordinators, programmers and sales staff still based in our New York Office. Importantly, our OAC-DR interviewers speak fluent accent neutral English, and their training is as intense as their U.S. counterparts. We faced the challenge and settled the unknown frontier, resulting in owning the Hispanic Data Collection territory! Add to that our expertise in African American and Asian American interviewing, and it’s clear there is only one choice for Multicultural Telephone and Online data collection. We’re OAC! For more information, please contact Lance Hoffman, Partner, Opinion Access Corp., 718-729-2622,
View all experts here
Featured Events

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, March 29-31, 2016
Making ALL the Difference: Bold Conversations and New Directions, March 29-31, 2016, Minneapolis Convention Center
Now in its 28th year, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion convenes annually in Minneapolis to engage people, advance ideas and ignite change around the topics of diversity, inclusion and equity. The Forum is a platform for organizations to come together to question what an inclusive workforce and society should look like, and close the gaps between social justice and business issues. With thought-provoking keynote sessions that include speakers Bill George and Anand Giridharadas, 58 concurrent sessions, the Forum Marketplace, Bold Conversations on Race, the Great Forum Gathering, and a professional Career Fair  – this event is not to be missed. We invite you to attend and bring your unique contribution to the BOLD CONVERSATIONS that will lead to inspiring NEW DIRECTIONS. “Making ALL the difference requires the whole system in the room – from the new diversity council member – to the front-line manager – to the seasoned diversity leader – to the CEO champion.”
– Steve Humerickhouse, Executive Director, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion
Visit for information and registration. For information about our professional Career Fair visit orcontact, 651-962-4377.
5th Annual Multicultural Health National Conference, 

Oct 25-26, 2016Philadelphia
Save the Date for the 5th annual edition of The Multicultural Health National (MCHNational), the premier and only multicultural conference focusing on the healthcare industry and a must attend event for pharma executives, ad agencies, insurers, hospitals and media companies. The event, to be held at The Sonesta Philadelphia, Oct 25-26, 2016, will, for the first time, be co-located with 2nd annual Patient Engagement Through Physicians and Pharmacists Conference. The Multicultural Health National conference will feature case studies of successful examples of healthcare marketing and specific focus areas for each key multicultural population segment in America including African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans and LGBT consumers. This 1 ½ day conference also features one evening of awards with a dinner reception celebrating recipients of the Best in Multicultural Health Marketing Awards and the client-side executives selected for the Outstanding Multicultural Marketers Awards.This year’s speaker line up already includes Michael Myers, SVP, Public Affairs and Rev. Percy McRay, National Director of Faith-Based Programs,
Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. among others. Register here To be kept informed of speakers as they are announced and learn about sponsorship opportunities and conference agenda, contact Scott Ehrlich, VP, DTC Perspectives at 
See more events here
Job Opportunity
Fuse, LLC – Brand Strategy Account Manager, Burlington, VT

Named one of the Best Places to Work in Vermont, Fuse believes that
life should be a balance of making deadlines and making first chair on a powder day. We work hard because we love what we do and are
committed to being the best. We play hard because we have the freedom to do so. Fuse fosters a creative environment that encourages people to share insights and inspiration. If this sounds like a lifestyle made for you, then Fuse wants to hear from you. The individual in this position will be responsible for managing brand strategy and experiential marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 clients. This role includes strategic development of marketing initiatives and tactics, daily communication with clients, ensuring timely and on-budget delivery of all services, working with account team to maintain the client’s strategy throughout all aspects of the business. You will utilize your expertise in youth and brand marketing to consult on all projects, plan and execute events, coordinate brand ambassador programs, and manage vendors. The successful candidate will have the following skills, experience and education: – Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field – 3+ years of client management and communication – 3+ years of event activation experience – Proficient in all MS Office programs – In-depth knowledge of brand marketing – Multi cultural marketing expertise highly desirable – In-depth knowledge of youth culture – Solid project management skills, organized, detail oriented – Polished, professional written & verbal communication skills The individual will work in Fuse’s office in Burlington, Vermont, but may include travel for various events and client meetings. To apply: To view this and other job postings, please visit us at To be considered, all candidates must submit an online application. We look forward to hearing from you!
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