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Multicultural Marketing News December 2016

Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

Multicultural Marketing News December 2016
What’s Inside: Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2017
Save the Dates for Upcoming Key 2017 Multicultural & Diversity Conferences + events
In this issue
Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2017 from
  • Ethnic Technologies
  • ISA
  • LatinoEyes
  • Titanium
Featured Events
  • New York American Advertising Awards Competition Deadline January 31
  • DTC National Conference featuring Multicultural Experts – April 5-7, Boston
  • 3AF 2017 Asian Marketing Summit, The Line Hotel (Koreatown), June 1-2, LA
  • The 2017 Multicultural Women’s National Conference, July 10-11, New York
 News and POV
Multicultural Millennials: The Next Generation of Trend-drivers
In 2017 and beyond, marketers large and small must be very aware that by 2020, more than 50% of all US consumers will be classified as multicultural. So, not only have multicultural and mainstream marketing merged, but we are also looking at a new generation of trend-drivers: Millennials. The Millennials are driving trends, and driving them in ways that seemingly change and evolve daily. So, marketing tactics need to change, as technology continues to alter these important consumers’ buying behaviors. Why not incorporate more music and entertainment into your marketing arsenal, spaces so critical to the millennial markets? Shopping and digital behaviors have become so intertwined, the lines so blurred, it is also critical to connect your advertising to the millennial multicultural populations. It’s becoming more about the vehicles that are driving your marketing. Be present when and where these critically important consumers want you to be. As always, the use of accurate multicultural data, analysis and market identification will be key factors in your success. Multicultural marketing, Research and Ethnic Identification is our passion and we look forward to helping all our clients and partners achieve the results they expect from the Leader in Multicultural Marketing. For more information, please contact Karen Sinisi, Director of Sales, Ethnic Technologies, 866-333-8324 ext.117,
Outlook for Multicultural Marketing Research in 2017
2017 will be a breakthrough year for breaking down the language barriers of collecting and analyzing data in multicultural marketing research. Automated translation technology has improved immensely in the last five years, which means researchers no longer have to choose which language to use for their online community studies. So, how does this work? Our insight community platform icanmakeitbetter ( allows brands to have longitudinal conversations with customers, potential customers or competitor’s customers during a period of anywhere from one month to several years. Imagine having a conversation about any new product or service from ideation to iteration to optimization or actualization.  We built the entire platform to contain native language support and integrated Google translation features. 100+ languages are now available across all community member pages and for all of our integrated survey feedback tools, including discussion, live chat, surveys, ideation sessions and more. Community members can set their own default platform language, allowing brands to easily scale their global communities.  With a certainty, 2017 will be the year that the marketing research industry fully adopts multilingual community platform studies. By Michael Halberstam, Chairman, Interviewing Service of America (ISA),, 818-989-1044.
2017: Increased Focus on Multicultural Youth 
For 2017, we expect more brands to have an increased interest and focus on multicultural consumers and youth, it is no surprise that more of our clients are taking more non-traditional approaches to reaching young multicultural consumers.  C+R Research is home to both CultureBeat and YouthBeat.  This allows us a unique ability to combine our expertise in both multicultural research and youth research.  For example, some of our clients are doing more immersive approaches-recruiting teens to amusement parks and hanging out for the day.  One family even invited us to a Quiceañera.  Next year we’re looking forward to a campfire, high school graduations, and other experiences.  There’s no substitute for the empathy our clients can build when they meet their young multicultural consumers on their own turf. By Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President, YouthBeat, and Jorge Martinez, Senior Research Director, CultureBeat and LatinoEyes, Visit
Outlook for Multicultural Marketing in 2017 
In many ways the turmoil created by the 2016 Presidential campaign and election of Donald Trump provides a dynamic backdrop for what promises to be an interesting 2017. The world of Multicultural Marketing isn’t immune to the effects of a controversial campaign and the dawn of the Trump era. The election seemingly ripped the muzzle off the conversation around race in this country and replaced it with a bullhorn.  More so than ever race, culture, and its’ role in daily life is at the forefront of conversations across the country. The critical importance of multicultural consumers on Brand’s business success hasn’t changed, but the intensified focus on issues around race and culture add layers of complexity to the conversation. In this sensitive environment Brands must effectively connect with Multicultural consumers, but also be cognizant of the perceptions or realities around their positions as it relates to various societal issues. While some brands may attempt to “sit it out”, consumers will demand to know where Brands seeking their support stand on the social issues that are important to them. Never before is it more important, but also riskier for Brands to have a voice on the realities facing multicultural communities. What do you stand for?  What do you believe?  Have you chosen a side? All questions Brands will have to effectively navigate in 2017. By Ahmad Islam – Managing Partner/CEO at Ten35, founding member of Titanium Worldwide. Titanium is the world’s first collective of independent, certified-diverse companies operating as a single agency. Clients rely on our broad service offering, category experience across multiple industries and our ability to authentically communicate with any and all audiences. We’ve streamlined our process by offering a full suite of services with one contract and one point of contact, Titanium is the agency built for today’s business. For all inquiries about Titanium and our 17 founding Members (including Ten35) please reach out to Erin Geoghegan, Director of Client Relations,, 646-952-8441.
Featured Events


2017 New York American Advertising Awards Competition is Now Open: deadline January 31, 2017
Show off your best creative work! The American Advertising Awards, formerly the ADDYs, is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year in local AAF Club (Ad Club) competitions. Its mission is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising. Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the local Ad Club phase is the first of a three-tier, national competition. Concurrently, all across the country, local entrants vie to win ADDY Awards – recognition as the very best in their markets. Your entry fee covers your entries all the way from local, to regional, to the national competition level. Pay once – but keep on advancing each time you win a Gold ADDY®. SO ENTER TODAY! The savings are as big as the recognition. – Deadline January 31, 2017
2017 DTC National Conference featuring Multicultural Experts – April 5-7, Westin CopleyPlace, Boston
With a 15+ year-long reputation as “The Leading Forum for DTC Thought Leaders,” the DTC National is one of the largest annual conferences focusing solely on direct-to-consumer Rx marketing. Featuring three of the industry’s favorite awards – The DTC National Advertising Awards, Top 25 DTC Marketers of the Year, and DTC Hall of Fame; this conference is designed around cutting edge content (no supplier pitches, no paid agenda slots) and vetted by our prestigious conference board. See Nielsen & Univision share original research from Hispanic Healthcare Journey study, sharing new insights about emotional, behavioral, and cultural considerations for implementing Hispanic outreach.The 2017 DTC National will focus on patient power. A number of forces have been responsible for increasing power of patients. Their employers and insurers have been shifting cost to them through higher deductibles and co-pays. Now most patients are basically self-insured and can pay thousands before getting reimbursed. This means they are demanding their services and products be high value for that added cost. Join hundreds of pharmaceutical and multicultural marketers from around the country at the industry’s premier professional conference. Learn from world-class speakers and network with the pharmaceutical marketing industry’s best. Register today for the 2017 DTC National.   Follow on Twitter using #DTCN17 or visit for more information. Contact: Scott Ehrlich at or 770-559-0702.

3AF 2017 Asian Marketing Summit, The Line Hotel (Koreatown), Los Angeles, California
Only National Conference Focusing on Asian Marketing/Asian Advertising
Save the date for the 3AF’s 2017 Asian Marketing Summit, June 1 and 2, in Los Angeles. Meet, network and engage with Asian marketing industry experts, influencers and marketers.   Attendees will better understand how to capture and leverage ROI in the critical Asian marketing segment.  The Summit will also include a session on the 3AF’s first-ever media consumption study and the industry’s only Asian Marketing Boot Camp, on May 31, designed for those new to Asian marketing or for those who want a refresher course on the critical basics. Early bird registration is available by contacting Genny Hom-Franzen, 3AF Executive Director, at Information on sponsorship opportunities is posted at:
For more information, visit

The 2017 Multicultural Women’s National Conference

Mark Your Calendars! The Multicultural Women’s National Conference prepares for success in 2017 where high-achieving, high-potential women from all races and ethnicities come together to explore and leverage their strengths for workplace progress. This two-day national conference deepens the conversation about race and gender in the workplace, attracts hundreds of attendees from major corporations, and honors the Working Mother Best Companies for Multicultural Women.

Click here for updated information about this event and all of Working Mother Media’s 2017 conferences.
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