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Multicultural Marketing News – Black History Month Newsmakers and Experts

Wednesday, Feb 08, 2023
Multicultural Marketing News February 2023

February is Black History Month

In this issue: Multicultural Marketing News presents newsmakers and experts as featured on in our Experts Directory.
  • The Importance of Diversity in Influencer Marketing (fluent360)
  • Enhance Your Cultural Awareness With Bold Culture’s Learning and Development Programming (Bold Culture LLC)
  • C+R’s CultureBeat Team Helps to Change the Black Narrative (CultureBeat®, a division of C+R Research)
  • Ethnic Technologies® Celebrates Black History Month (Ethnic Technologies)
  • About INFUSION by Castells (INFUSION)
  • My Code’s B Code White Paper: The Power of Values-Driven Marketing to Black Consumers (My Code)
  • Black Consumers Support Brands Uplifting Their Communities (Horowitz Research)
  • Identify, Deliver and Optimize Your Multicultural Marketing with Claritas (Claritas)
  • Zekeera Belton, Vice President of Client Services and Diverse Segment Strategist at Collage Group
The Importance of Diversity in Influencer Marketing
Social media has redefined not just the word “influencer” but the role of such a person in our everyday lives. Because their power is grounded in their audience, authenticity carries a special weight among communities of color. Social platforms are a source of nuanced content, and Black content creators are breaking down barriers and speaking to an audience typically unrepresented and overlooked by brands. According to Nielsen’s African American Consumer Report, digitally savvy and culturally influential Black Americans “continue to lead the conversation and stay connected through social media — having an unprecedented impact on brands and what consumers watch, purchase, and listen to.” Accurate representation is key, and consumers are looking for influencers they can relate to. Top categories impacted by Black influencers include hair trends, fashion, and music, with lifestyle seeing rapid growth in home décor, cooking tips, and hacks for everyday living. As #BlackHistoryMonth kicks off, we will see the growing power of Black influencers setting the tone for a cultural beat that brands cannot ignore. By Kia Smith, Social Media Strategist, fluent360.
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Enhance Your Cultural Awareness With Bold Culture’s Learning and Development Programming
This year, it remains critical to deepen your efforts towards inclusion with talent and consumers. As we celebrate Black History Month know that your recognition and understanding of diverse cultures should be a continuous investment. Don’t represent or invest when it seems like the best time but do these things at all times. Now is a fantastic opportunity to consider Bold Culture’s proven learning and developmentservices as you develop more inclusive workplaces and/or marketing messages for your organization. Need additional support? Bold Culture’s Inclusion Audits, Consulting, or Research Services may be of interest to you! Set Up A Free Consultation Call With A Member Of The Bold Culture Team here
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C+R’s CultureBeat Team Helps to Change the Black Narrative
Across the US, Black people are changing the narrative and breaking free from the box society has placed them in. While the Black community still has core principles, values, beliefs, and rituals they align with, the culture is evolving to tell a new story ― one that doesn’t focus so much on “the struggle,” but also on stories of Black strength, joy, and excellence. What does this mean? Black consumers are not monolithic. They come from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences and want to be viewed with the same unique complexities as other cultural groups that make up our society. It’s important to acknowledge the diversity within the Black community to understand the associated behaviors and psyche  of each subculture. To learn more, read our eBook that highlights the importance of Black Identity. In addition, this year for Black History Month, see how C+R’s CultureBeat division will help to change the narrative and elevate Black culture through a 3-part series, Consumer Connections: Changing the Black Narrative. In the weekly episodes during the month of February, we will highlight conversations curated from a panel of Black consumers around relevant topics such as Black excellence and joy, brands that resonate with the Black community, what it means to be an ally, Black-owned businesses, and more. And, beyond February, we’ll cover other important topics such as mental health, hair and beauty and more.
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Ethnic Technologies® Celebrates Black History Month
Ethnic Technologies® joins MMRnews in celebrating Black History Month. Ethnic Technologies® is the global leader in multicultural marketing, digital applications, research, data enhancements and analysis. The Ethnicenter from Ethnic Technologies is the result of over 40 years of continuous multicultural, cultural religion and language preference research. E-Tech’s multicultural and language preference data elements repeatedly outperform the competition in accuracy and coverage. Whether in digital applications, mailing or customer analysis, the E-Tech® data achieves excellent results. E-Tech 2023 accurately reflects rapidly changing demographics and delivers additional market intelligence in many different ethnicities, through twelve months of additional, updated research and new, state of the art software methodologies. Examples of just some of the initiatives achieved this year include:
● Increased granularity among Nigerian-Americans (African American): 30% increase in Igbo ethnicity of Nigeria
● Research into the unique names and history of Jamaica, and other Caribbean nations, led to a 16% increase in Caribbean audiences in the United States
These are just some of the enhancements available in E-Tech 2023, which will enable you to better reach key African American consumer markets.
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INFUSION by castells is a top national marketing/advertising agency and WMBE providing Fortune 500 Clients best-in-class Multicultural strategic leadership and consistent results since 1998 with culturally fluency, analytics, ROI-Powered ideas®, first-of-kind thinking, and a powerhouse LA and NY team. Led by Liz Castells-Heard, our whip-smart ‘tell it like it is’ Stanford MBA, industry thought leader and creator of the Transculturation™ model, our leadership includes partners Leticia Juarez, Malu Santamaria and Terry Sullivan, creative heads Rod Ribeiro and Carlos Correa, and media EVP Marielise Nascimiento. We specialize in the Hispanic, African American, and Asian American consumer segments with a deep cultural understanding and connection to the communities we serve.  Our digitally led omni-channel work drives results, brand value, total market success and awards for core clients Charter Communications, Toyota, and McDonald’s.  We are Multicultural experts who collaborate with the broader agency teams, fully immersed and invested in our clients’ businesses, and we don’t quit until our clients win. ‘No BS, Just Results’. Check out
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B Code, My Code’s marketing and media platform for reaching Black audiences, recently released an in-depth white paper titled The Power of Values-Driven Marketing to Black Consumers. The study explores why brands should harness the power of values-driven marketing to Black consumers. Its findings reveal this sector overwhelmingly prefers to purchase exclusively from purpose-driven brands that follow through with their commitments of diversity and inclusivity. My Code’s Intelligence Center is the company’s proprietary platform dedicated to analyzing and reporting on ever-changing multicultural American consumers’ sentiments, opinions, and habits. Data was collected online from nearly 2,500 Black Americans representative of all main geographical areas of the United States, ages 18-64, in September 2022. This white paper is a resource to guide brands to take the necessary steps to create deeper and more rewarding connections with Black consumers.
The Power of Values-Driven Marketing to Black Consumers identifies which values and cultural touch points signify an authentic commitment to values-driven consumers. The report pinpoints the opportunities for brands across various tent poles throughout the year.
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Black Consumers Support Brands Uplifting Their Communities
“In order for brands to earn the trust and loyalty of Black consumers, companies must be committed to understanding how social, environmental, and political issues impact them. Black History Month is an important moment to celebrate Black culture and should also serve as a reminder for brands to recognize ways to uplift Black communities on a consistent basis. Our recent FOCUS Black: State of Consumer Engagement 2022 report reveals that six in ten (58%) Black consumers have taken an action (positive or negative) as a result of a company’s alignment with sociopolitical issues that matter to them. They want to support companies that have strong track records of providing opportunities for BIPOC people and women. As forces in American society attempt to undo the progress of the past few years when it comes to putting Black issues and concerns front and center, we hope brands take this opportunity to continue to propel us forward towards racial equity. We welcome the opportunity to work with clients to deliver research and insights to better understand how they can align with the needs and interests of Black Americans.” — Adriana Waterston, Chief Revenue Officer and Insights and Strategy Lead at Horowitz Research,, 914-834-5999
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Zekeera Belton, Vice President of Client Services and Diverse Segment Strategist at Collage Group
Zekeera leads efforts and programs to identify, analyze and address client’s needs at Collage Group. She and her team work in partnership with Fortune 500 companies, helping them gain a better understanding of diverse consumer segments. Her work fosters deep relationships and leverages the full set of Collage capabilities to plan and craft specific solutions that meet member challenges. Zekeera is a proven leader with real world expertise and application of national, regional, and grassroots strategies. She is one of Collage’s experts on African Americans, multiculturalism, women, and LGBTQ+ consumers. Zekeera regularly leads presentations and brand/strategy workshops, demonstrating how companies can better connect and authentically engage with African American consumers, and other diverse groups. She is a results-driven marketing and communications professional with 20 years of experience developing and executing private and public (government) sector campaigns and programs. Prior to Collage, Zekeera served as a Marketing Director for Penn, Good & Associates, a Marketing Services Consulting firm located in Washington, DC. In previous years, she was a consultant at MarketBridge, a management consulting firm, leading sales and marketing optimization engagements for global corporates such as IBM, Microsoft, SAP and others. Zekeera holds a B.S. in Business Administration, with a double concentration in Finance and Management, from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. She is originally from New York City and now lives in Southern Maryland. In her spare time you may find her playing pick-up basketball, flag football, or hosting social gatherings in the DC area.
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Identify, Deliver and Optimize Your Multicultural Marketing with Claritas
The multicultural population currently accounts for 44% of the U.S. population and by 2028, will account for more than 47% of the U.S. population. For marketers to effectively engage multicultural audiences, they must first understand them at the most granular level. Their likes, dislikes, demographics and behavioral preferences. Claritas has assembled one of the most robust, industry-leading proprietary data sets on over 147M multicultural consumers by acculturation, country of origin, preferred language, lifestyle preference, technology behaviors, media preferences, and shopping behaviors. Included in this, are current and future estimates & projections on the 43M U.S. Black consumers. With this 360-degree view of multicultural audiences, we are able to help marketers across all industries more effectively identify the ideal audiences, deliver effective multichannel campaigns, and measure the impact campaigns have on driving conversions and improving ROI. 
-For the most comprehensive insights into multicultural audiences, including the Black American consumer market, we’ve compiled some useful proprietary resources for you, for free.
View full company profile here.
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