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Multicultural Insights: Unlocking Customer Loyalty through Loyalty Programs

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023

Unlocking Customer Loyalty: Harnessing the Power of Loyalty Program Insights

Understanding the Loyalty Programs in which customers participate is a crucial strategic move for travel businesses seeking to enhance their customer’s loyalty. By gaining insights into their affiliations, travel companies can cultivate loyalty by forging strategic partnerships, tailoring services to individual preferences, enriching the overall customer experience, and harnessing opportunities for cross-promotion. This knowledge serves as the foundation for a more profound connection with customers, resulting in a happier and more loyal customer base.

For instance, in the multicultural space, a notable 52% of Asian-American Hotel Frequent Guest Program Members (FGP Members) also participate in Airline Frequent Flyer Programs. This highlights an opportunity for both the hotel industry and airlines to collaborate with each other’s loyalty programs.  This cross-promotion opportunity can be explored, creating a win-win situation for both collaborating businesses.

The same collaboration can be made with the Hotel Industry and Supermarket companies as 43% of Hispanic/Latino FGP Members are also Supermarket Loyalty Members.

Lastly, as 26% of African American FGP Members are Other Retail Loyalty Members, there is a potential for Retail businesses and Hotels to tap into these affiliations to build a more loyal and satisfied customer base.

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