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June is LGBTQ Pride Month issue of MMRNews

Friday, Jun 09, 2023
Multicultural Marketing News June 2023

June is LGBTQ Pride Month

Meet the Experts in Marketing to the LGBTQ Consumer:
  • Bold Culture LLC
  • CultureBeat®, a division of C+R Research
  • Collage Group
  • Gay Ad Network
  • Horowitz Research
  • Rivendell Media
  • Community Marketing & Insights
Meet the Experts in Marketing to the LGBTQ Consumer
The Bold Culture Team wants to call out several of our inclusive marketing + workplace services that will better align you with the LGBTQIA+ community on a deeper level and build authentic connections with this diverse group.
Research (Free for Download and Distribution to the Team)
An overview of the impact, challenges and successes of the entire LGBTQIA community from the LGBTQIA community.
A report by Black trans and non-binary professionals on their experiences in the media, marketing, advertising and technology industries as talent, creatives or producers.
Various insights across the LGBTQIA+ community and its intersections. Our Culture Hub Inclusion Dictionary in particular serves as a wonderful reference for frequently-used terms
Inclusive Marketing and Consulting Services
Bold Culture’s proven Inclusive Marketing Consulting practice that reviews and provides feedback on external and internal cultural celebration strategies, creatives, distribution plans, and more. Join the dozens of clients ensuring they have the “right eyes” assessing their work.
Bold Culture has over 6 courses connecting to the LGBTQIA community. Our tentpole workshop Celebrating the Spectrum of The LGBTQIA Community combines lecture and history with various fun activities to build awareness and action in all team members. Other key workshops include LGBTQIA+ Trivia, Drag Bingo, and A Deeper Lens: Understanding the Lives and Impact of Black & Latine Trans and Non-Binary Folks.
Work with us to activate first or second-party quantitative or qualitative research studies across regional, national, and global LGBTQIA communities.
For more information on Bold Culture’s learning & development, consulting, and talent connections, reach us at
Meet the CultureBeat Market Research Experts for the LGBTQ+ Consumer:
· Mimie Lund, Vice President, Qualitative Research 
· Anna Rossi, Director, Quantitative Research C+R Research
CultureBeat®, the multicultural division of C+R Research, specializes in understanding multicultural consumers, including the LGBTQ+ community. The division’s deep insight into the unique needs of this cohort provides brands with the tools necessary to form authentic connections to effectively engage with this diverse and important audience.
Through a well thought out blend of deep research expertise and in-culture experience, CultureBeat® gleans valuable insights from the LGBTQ+ community, which provides the foundation for its tailored, strategic research. Brands benefit from this research as it aids in deciphering the motivations, challenges, and drivers specific to this community, leading to targeted and impactful engagement.
By choosing CultureBeat®, brands can expect:
•      Thorough, foundational insights about the LGBTQ+ community.
•      Strategic, custom research that effectively aligns with the LGBTQ+ community’s needs.
•      A clear understanding of the key motivations, drivers, and challenges within the LGBTQ+ community.
The overarching mission of CultureBeat® is to illuminate the multifaceted nature of the LGBTQ+ community. This is accomplished through the dissemination of their meticulously curated insights via case studies, blogs, and the distinctive Cultural Discovery Series.
LGBTQ+ Americans Reward True Commitment to Diversity
The cultural identity of LGBTQ+ Americans is constantly evolving. Brands that wisely take notice of this evolution and leverage these shifts in their own messaging and positioning will better engage this influential community. With 35 million Americans identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ cohort, it’s alarming that only about a third of them are satisfied with their portrayals in advertising. To gain strategic advantage, brands must identify the cultural and social issues that concern this community. LGBTQ+ consumers want brands and companies to defend LGBTQ+ rights, challenge stereotypes, and better represent diverse people. In fact, 54% of LGBTQ+ consumers say they will go out of their way to buy from brands and companies that support them. This community is also championing women, people with disabilities, as well as ethnic and racial minority groups. Brands that demonstrate commitment to these causes will be rewarded by LGBTQ+ people and reap the rewards of a halo effect. Nuanced understanding and representation of the LGBTQ+ segment will help brands rally the support of Gen Z, millennial, and multicultural consumers. To dive deeper into these insights, contact Collage Group and learn how to increase your marketing ROI by better connecting with LGBTQ+ Americans.
Gay Ad Network is the leading advertising marketplace for connecting advertisers with LGBTQ+ consumers worldwide. We offer a one-stop-shop for LGBTQ+ digital advertising, social media and influencer marketing programs. Our powerful database marketing platform makes it easy for advertisers to reach their intended target – across popular websites, apps, connected TV and social media outlets.
Gay Ad Network has been recognized by INC Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. The company’s rapid growth is a result of the unique value proposition offered to national and local advertisers seeking efficient access to the LGBTQ+ market through digital media. The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is the exclusive, third-party certification body that verifies that eligible businesses are majority-owned by LGBT individuals. The NGLCC has granted Gay Ad Network with LGBT Business Enterprise® (LGBTBE®) designation as part of its LGBT Supplier Diversity Initiative.
Backlash Highlights the Importance of Businesses Supporting LGBTQIA+
“The ACLU is reporting a record number of nearly 500 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills introduced across the U.S. It is clear that LGBTQIA+ rights in education, healthcare, and more are under attack. Despite the current conservative backlash against Bud Light and Target for their commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community, this year’s Pride Month is a critical opportunity for companies to become better LGBTQIA+ allies. According to Horowitz’s State of Consumer Engagement 2022 report, over 4 in 10 consumers (13-49 years old) say that being an LGBTQIA+ ally and supporting LGBTQIA+ rights is important to them, including 43% of Gen Zers. Almost 6 in 10 (58%) consumers say that a company’s support of LGBTQIA+ rights has a positive or negative impact on their decisions to buy from a company – and many more say it has a positive impact (41%) than say it has a negative impact (17%). As we enter Pride Month, we hope we see brands not being afraid to show their support given the current climate, and instead, doubling down on not just celebrating Pride but making meaningful and sustained efforts to support the LGBTQIA+ community in their fight for equality.” — Adriana Waterston, Insights & Strategy Lead and EVP at Horowitz Research, a division of M/A/R/C Research. Contact:, 914-834-5999.
Equality is under Attack. Calling all Good People and Companies to Help.
Rivendell Media was founded in 1979 and that means we have literally seen it all when it comes to the LGBTQ marketplace.  This year, as we finally see Covid getting behind us we have the far right attacking our Transgender community. That is bad enough but when companies that previously were courting the LGBTQ market respond poorly it becomes a lose- lose.  Anheuser-Busch, who regularly marketed to the LGBTQ community, recently found this out because they caved into the extremists targeting them simply because one of their many Influencers is transgender and now lost all that good-will from most of the rest of their consumers.  The extremists may be loud, but their numbers are small overall and would never have supported Bud Light again- no matter AB’s response.  The LGBTQ community and its allies are much bigger but alas- doubtful they will be buying the brand after their poor response.
The difference now, as there have been right wing boycotts in the past, is that previously companies targeted by extremists (like Levi’s and Disney to name two) stood up for equality and forced these extremists to go on the record as “against equality” and so capitalized on that good-will and gained many more customers than they lost.  Never, has an anti LGBTQ boycott been successful but that was because no one ever caved in previously.  Who is next?  These anti-democratic bullies are not going to stop with people who are Transgender or LGBTQ so if you are anything different from their “normal” they will be coming for you.  Something similar has happened with Target and I’d say their response was lackluster at best and unfortunate for the rest of the good law-abiding Americans.  Instead of moving their Pride merchandise, they should have called in more security and help prosecute these people. Now, if the LGBTQ+ consumer is good for your product or business- let “us” know by supporting and advertising in LGBTQ owned and operated media.  There really are so many great companies out there that do stand for equality and other good causes- but advertising and branding is all about letting those consumers know what they do so consumers can support you too- perhaps even be your advocates.  Any minority wants to “see” themselves in ads and know that you are asking for “their” business and well that is what PR and advertising is all about, The absolute easiest way to do this is to show up in the media by and for that community. To Anheuser-Busch I’d say- an apology is in order not just to LGBTQ consumers but to everyone that supports American values.  It is rare to see corporate apologies, but they might just be surprised at how forgiving people are when it comes to “owning” their mistakes.  To Target I would say- help prosecute criminal behavior instead of punishing good customers.  To everyone else I would say- take a stand for equality and democracy.
Pride Engagement: A Research-Based Perspective
Pride-focused communications are not as simple as placing rainbow-colored ads in LGBTQ media any more (although that is always welcome). In a word, it’s “complicated.” Effective LGBTQ-inclusive outreach is not just a marketing budget line item. It involves corporate policy, HR and a commitment to a full-year visibility budget.
Community Marketing & Insights research on over 14,000 LGBTQ Americans has indicated that increasingly over the past several years, there has actually been increasing backlash about “Pride-specific” marketing, especially from among younger LGBTQ community members.
The most important criticism is that corporations appear to be more interested in “marketing” to the LGBTQ community for one month, vs. providing engagement and steady support 12 months a year. It can feel inauthentic and pandering. Corporations should consider this in the Pride-related sponsorships. Budgets and authentic messaging should emphasize their year-round support and their partnerships with LGBTQ community organizations.
The most important activity that a corporation can do to impact and engage LGBTQ community members is to sponsor LGBTQ community organizations and events. While being LGBTQ-inclusive in general population outreach is important and impactful, marketers also need to include LGBTQ media in their outreach budget. And almost equally important, companies must make a positive difference for their LGBTQ employees. Especially now, when LGBTQ community members are under political attack. For a copy of the referenced report, please see the link below.
LGBTQ-supportive activities are noticed and impactful on LGBTQ community members.
Backing up advertising messaging, marketers need to include LGBTQ-supportive activities in their annual calendar, if they want to earn credibility among LGBTQ consumers. They can’t sit back when controversial legislation is under consideration. They need to step up immediately and unwaveringly. As a priority, the primary (87% agree) action is openly supporting LGBTQ equality legislation. And now more than ever, while transgender and nonbinary citizens are increasingly under political attack, corporations must explicitly speak out against discrimination of trans/nonbinary community members.
Positively influencing the bottom line
Companies that measurably impact LGBTQ consumers do so more via who they are than what they say.They must back up their LGBTQ outreach with LGBTQ inreach, meaning that they need to assess and address their corporate policies, employee relations, HR and PR and add these initiatives to their marketing plans in order to be effective in 2023.
Thank you, and Happy Pride!
For more information about the Community Marketing & Insights research-based approach to LGBTQ communications, please visit
To request a complimentary download of CMI’s 16th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey®, please email:
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