is the home of Multicultural Marketing Resources (founded by Lisa Skriloff in 1994) and is a marketplace for companies and agencies to find resources, make connections, promote their programs and services and interact with each other and us.

About Multicultural Marketing Resources’ Consulting Services

Consulting work is performed by Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. and team. Think of us as your outsourced, as-needed marketing department personnel.

We consider ourselves as a Multicultural Marketing Resources Reference Library and Knowledge Center which serves as resource for new and experienced marketers whose companies target the Hispanic, Asian American, African American, women, LGBT, people with disabilities and other cultural markets.

We have been asked all kinds of questions to respond to in a consulting call or preparing a report. Some examples:

Our consulting clients have asked us to:

  • Provide a suggested list of

– multicultural professional conferences to attend

– multicultural consumer events to sponsor

  • Find background information on an industry and company in advance of a presentation
  • Suggest speakers for September- October Hispanic Heritage Month ERG events
  • Recruitment help – We are searching for a VP Multicultural Marketing for our company. Please send information on MMR and your database and services, so I can pass along to my Knowledge Management person for review.
  • Ghostwrite an internal corporate PowerPoint presentation, “Making the Business Case for Multicultural Marketing”


View More Examples in our Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. Capabilities Statement

MMR staff performs tailored secondary research projects that meet the precise needs of consulting clients. These projects provide comprehensive insight into best practices and trends through competitor and new product assessment, customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement and industry and ethnic market studies. Project results are especially useful for use in internal presentations, pitching new business; obtaining background information for speeches, presentations and articles, and researching business prospects and competition within the multicultural marketing industry. Companies who have used our consulting services include recruiters, ad agencies, corporations, media and research firms.

To initiate a request please contact Lisa Skriloff, President, MMR at, 212-242-3351.

Consulting Services / Research Project Examples

Here are some examples of inquires we have received seeking MMR consulting help:

Research/Prepare/ghostwrite a PowerPoint presentation of 10 Slides based on the following

Instructions to MMR: Create PowerPoint with the following  information backing our 2020 African American Strategy (If there’s anything additional regarding AA consumers and marketing efforts from other companies that you find insightful, please feel free to share that information as well.)

  1. State of the consumer – AA
  2. Competitive analysis – An analysis across both our category and emerging competitors
  3. Test and Learn Opportunities


From Corporations: Examples of 3 different inquiries

  1. Our project is about launching a product for homeowners in the Spanish dominant Hispanic market. Basically we are targeting Homeowners and a/c Contractors. What grass root community events can you suggest? Sponsorships?
  2. What initiatives do the top US banks have in terms of reaching African Americans, Asian Americans and the gay/lesbian market?
  3. What conventions bureaus in the North East have initiatives to target African Americans?


From Public Relations Firms:

  1. We are currently in need of a celebrity mom. The following is the criteria we are looking for in our ethnic spokespeople: must be a mother and have used our product, not celebrity status (charging no more than approx $2,000 for a day’s event,) Hispanic/ African American/ Asian candidates, in a profession with mass media appeal, not just ethnic niche appeal (while the candidates are diverse, they should appeal to all consumers,) recent professional activity, whether a business or book published that relates to parenting, particularly with infant/ toddler. I appreciate any insight you can provide.


From Ethnic Media: Examples of 3 different inquiries

  1. I am on a mission to seek and find a listing of multicultural brand managers at major brands across the country. I have looked everywhere I can think of. Do you have any insights or guidance?
  2. Here’s what I’m looking for: brands that target adults and families rather than hip, urban; Looking for brands that target African-American marketplace, brands that target Hispanic marketplace; Specific areas of interest: cars and trucks, packaged goods, restaurants, beers and beverages, places, appliances, consumer electronics but only things like TVs, home entertainment centers….banking, insurance, healthcare.
  3. I need your help/direction ASAP – I am working on a timely new project. I was asked to quickly spearhead a brand involvement/partnership/campaign with this artist/songwriter who has been bubbling under and over. Can you give me an hour’s worth of research on the following: Who do you think would be interested? and…Who can act quickly? I would need this info turned around really fast (Monday before noon central.)


From Research Companies:

  1. What major research has been done in emerging markets? What seminar subjects have been addressed in emerging markets? What are the areas of greatest need for research in emerging markets? What types of seminars generate the most excitement in the in emerging markets. We want this study to yield some profound and useful insights so would be grateful for your guidance up front.


Recruitment Research: Examples of 2 different inquiries

  1. My company is moving forward with the hiring of a position to focus on the Hispanic market. That it will be a director level position reporting directly to the chief marketing officer. Can you provide any insight or direction on: job descriptions, potential search points; any other ideas or comments would be helpful.
  2. We are searching for a VP Multicultural Marketing for our company. Please send information on MMR and your database and services, so I can pass along to my Knowledge Management person for review.


Corporate Request For a Ghostwritten Presentation to include all of the below chapters:

Please provide answers to all the following questions to be used in a power point presentation I am developing for an internal meeting:

Multicultural Marketing Business Case

  • The business case for multicultural marketing
  • What stats exist on the relative ROI or incremental sales impact from “multicultural” marketing initiatives, vs general population efforts


Trends and Projections

  • What are the key demographic and population trends (including birth rates)
  • Buying Power
  • What are the various sub-segments that comprise the various groups…Latino, Asian, African American
  • Acculturation trends
  • Are there any significant skews…ex. Younger skews, older skews etc.


Best Practices

  • Who is doing “multicultural marketing”…(Examples across several categories in HBA, OTC, Pharma, Retail, Trade, Financial Services etc)
    • What are best practices in multicultural marketing (in general).
    • What are the key essentials to developing a successful multicultural marketing strategy.
    • Give examples of companies who have been successful in this arena. Why were they successful. What are some good case studies.
    • Which companies have not been successful. Why ? What are some common mistakes to avoid.
    • What are the metrics that have been used to measure effectiveness
    • Do many best practice companies have dedicated multicultural departments
  • What are best practices for marketing to Latinos, African American, and Asian segments. Provide examples and/or case studies. What have been keys to success
  • In our industry who is doing it well. Provide examples of what is being done. What are close-in competitors doing in the area of multicultural marketing (non-proprietary). Do they have dedicated groups.


Consumer Insights

  • Attitudes, Core Values, Cultural Insights, Purchasing/Shopping Behavior [Latino, African American, Asian]. What are some key differences and similarities vs. general population
    • General information and where possible information related to industry
  • What is the responsiveness to various marketing tactics (couponing, internet, online shopping, pharmacist and physician efforts, targeted direct mail etc, advertising, bi-lingual packaging.)



  • “Expert” Speakers and Presenters on Marketing to Latino, African American and Asian segments
  • A few contacts at companies who head multicultural marketing departments and who might be open to sharing their learning with us. (We’re interested in it more from the marketing angle)


African American Marketing

  • 3-5 of the best agencies or groups in this area. Must have a proven track record of success with major and smaller brands/businesses. [Advertising, Promotions, 360 degree marketing, community building, strategic alliances]. Provide contact information


Research Companies

  • 3-5 top-notch consumer research companies with expertise in conducting custom research on the African American Market. Expertise in Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Must be organizations with sophisticated research capabilities. Proven track record of handling both large and small-case studies. Provide contact information.



  • Three to five conferences on Multicultural Marketing that you think would be good to attend


About Multicultural Marketing Resources’ Public Relations Services

Full-Service Public Relations

Our public relations clients are corporations, marketing firms, multicultural ad agencies, research firms, multicultural media, PR firms and women and minority owned businesses, among others. We specialize in representing companies with multicultural marketing expertise that are looking to develop new business through public relations. We help ad agencies, research firms, media companies, translation companies, direct marketing firms and others gain visibility with potential clients, directly via our database or through trade and business press media relations.

We also work with corporations who wish to publicize their diversity initiatives and appointments and multicultural marketing news. And we are a PR firm for PR firms, as well as ad agencies and other communications companies. Who better to understand the importance of public relations to new business development than a PR firm, who is also likely to be too busy to undertake their own work for themselves?

Examples of client press releases from ad agencies and public relations firms:

Oct 12, 2020 GALLEGOS United and CANVAS United Give Voice to Hispanic Americans via Xfinity ‘Fabric of America’ Digital Campaign

Sep 24, 2020 Multicultural Agency INFUSION Has Another First With Virtual Shoots

Sep 29, 2020 BCW Introduces Consulting Unit to Reach and Move Audiences Across “Majority-Minority” Polycultural America

Sep 22, 2020 Hill+Knowlton Strategies Appoints Global and U.S. Leaders of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

For corporations, we work as a retained or project PR firm or as a sub contractor to their PR firms whereby MMR handles the multicultural and diversity work. Specifically that might mean writing and sending out press releases to our proprietary distribution list about a corporation and its diversity initiatives, appointments and promotion of executives of color and other news to the mainstream press and ethnic press.

Examples of press releases on behalf of corporations:

See examples of press coverage:

New York Urban League

Our Time Press, Dec 3. 2020, “Our Time Press Q & A with Arva Rice, President, CEO, New York Urban League

New York Beacon, Dec 3. 2020, “New York Urban League issues important ‘State of Black New York’ seminal report

Real Estate Weekly, Nov 25, 2020, “How affordable housing community is helping close digital divide

Crain’s New York, Nov 24, 2020, “Pandemic intensifies digital divide for Black New Yorkers- report

WPIX 11 New York, Nov 23, 2020, “State of Black New York: New report details sobering statistics

Q&A with the New York Urban League President and CEO Arva Rice: Why Black people still can’t wait by Nick Charles, NBC News Digital, July 10, 2020

Wil Power Integrated Marketing
Wil Shelton, CEO, Wil Power Integrated Marketing quoted in “WHAT P&G GOT RIGHT —AND WRONG— IN ITS DIVERSITY PUSH: An early focus paid off, but P&G’s top marketer says it is behind on its diversity hiring goals,” Jack Neff, Ad Age, June 30, 2020

Wil Shelton, CEO, Wil Power Integrated Marketing interviewed for Q&A in “Black-owned barbershops and salons feel the impact of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter movement,” Bruce Horovitz, NRF, July 16, 2020

d expósito & Partners

Daisy Expósito-Ulla, Chairman/CEO of d expósito & Partners, Inducted Into the 69th Annual Advertising Hall of Fame®, Also Received the David Bell Award for Industry Service

Daisy Exposito-Ulla Profile in The Boss Column of The New York Times, “The Cross Cultural Pitch” Dec 15, 2010

Fill out this form to request more information regarding public relations services. For immediate help call Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. at 212-242-3351 or email

A La Carte Public Relations Services:

Press Releases via MMRNews

MMRNews is a newswire with information on marketing to multicultural audiences, upcoming events and conferences. Marketers can use this highly targeted vehicle to send announcements on multicultural marketing and diversity initiatives to executives in the industry via our Multicultural Marketing Industry Influentials list and/or to journalists in the multicultural and general media via our press list.

MMRNews is distributed free of charge to advertising, marketing and public relations executives as well as human resources and purchasing officers. Journalists from renowned publications also use MMRNews as a source of experts, story ideas and news briefs for year-round coverage of a diverse America. MMRNews is offered as a newswire service for your press releases to our database.

We can deliver your press release to our subscriber lists of corporate executives who handle multicultural ad budgets, ethnic/general market ad agencies, ethnic media and mainstream media lists, (9000 subscribers) or we can create a tailored recipient list for you from our database of 25,000 people involved in multicultural marketing. Find out more about disseminating press releases via MMRNews.

Press Referral Program

Reporters often call or email us looking for sources for stories regarding diversity and multicultural marketing and for our list of diverse experts. When reporters call us, we refer them to you, if appropriate for your company. You can opt to “pass” on a referral if you do not wish to respond.


Companies who are listed in our Experts Directory are automatically enrolled to receive press referrals. Join and add your Featured Expert profile here

Or contact Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. at 212-242-3351 or email to learn more

Journalists: Find out how to submit your query here or contact Lisa Skriloff, President, Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. by email with your press request.

Sample Press Queries

From NY Daily News:
Hi Lisa. Hope you are well. I am looking for New York City small business owners to interview for an article about the economy. Do have any suggestions?  I am looking for established, articulate small business owners. One or two ideas would be great.

From CNN:
I am working on a story about Corporate Diversity. I would like to talk to an expert who can speak to the current trends and new findings in this area. I want to talk about why diversity is important and perhaps get specifics on the financial benefits of diversity and new corporate initiatives in this area (i.e., has the push for gay marriage changed any corporate policies on corporate diversity?) This story airs next week so I would like to talk to someone today or tomorrow about this. Initially I would like to speak to someone for background but might want the person for a taped interview.

From The Los Angeles Times:
I’m looking for someone from the company to comment on a story I’m writing. The focus is on the use of English subtitles in Spanish-programming. Telemundo is the only Spanish-speaking network to offer English captions to many of their prime time offerings. And with a handful of telenovelas being cross-promoted on Spanglish networks such as Mun2 and MTV Tr3s recently, English subtitles are essential to maintain the duality of their programming. The story will sort of look at how the use of English subtitles helps build/hinders ties for second-and-third generation viewers to their cultural roots. Wanted to get the company’s marketing perspective on this topic. Any suggestions on whom I should speak with?

From Crain’s NY:
I am looking for an NYC-based marketing expert who can offer advice on how small businesses can use census data to target their marketing effectively. I am looking for an expert who is using census data to inform current marketing campaigns.

From Med Ad News:
I’m interested in comment on trends and strategies that pharmaceutical marketers are using, or should be using, for multicultural marketing — what works, what doesn’t, and what new ideas might be available for facing this challenge.

Testimonials from Journalists

From the Associated Press Latin American Desk:
Hello Lisa,
I would like to thank you once again for your help and support on my story about immigration. I am enclosing a copy of an article with some quotes of interviews with [your press referral clients]. You created a whole network to do this project in a very professional manner. I hope we keep in touch in the future. And if I could be of any help don’t hesitate to call me. The story was published in several Spanish newspapers in the US, Mexico and South America. My gratitude and regards to (your staff.) Thank you.

From USA Today:
Lisa: Thank you SO MUCH for your help contacting folks to talk about Three Kings Day. The story is in today’s newspaper, in the Money section. Hope we can work together again.

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