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Books, Reports, Essays and Downloads

The 85% Niche: The Power of Women of All Colors–Latina, Black, and Asian

Win! the Hispanic Market: Strategies for Business Growth

Latino Boom II: Catch the Biggest Demographic Wave Since the Baby Boom

Multicultural Intelligence: Eight Make-or-Break Rules for Marketing to Race, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation

The New Mainstream: How the Multicultural Consumer Is Transforming American Business

How to Market to People Not Like You: “Know It or Blow It” Rules for Reaching Diverse Customers

Marketing to Hispanics: A Strategic Approach to Assessing and Planning Your Initiative

Hispanic Customers for Life: A Fresh Look at Acculturation

Marketing to the New Majority: Strategies for a Diverse World

Climb: Taking Every Step with Conviction, Courage, and Calculated Risk to Achieve a Thriving Career and a Successful Life

Designing Across Cultures

Diverse Voices: Profiles in Leadership