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Watch, Listen, and Learn: MediaVillage Announces Multitude of New Podcasts, Videos and Columns

Date: Jan 19, 2021
Watch, Listen, and Learn: 
MediaVillage Announces Multitude of New Podcasts, Videos and Columns

Over a dozen journalists and subject matter experts add leadership voices to ever-expanding content on diversity, equity, and belonging topics

NEW YORK, New York (January 19, 2021) – MediaVillage founder Jack Myers wants you to watch, listen, and learn from his team of over 30 journalists and columnists creating content on diversity and marketing topics for the media, marketing, advertising, and entertainment community. The world’s leading practicing media ecologist today announced more than a dozen new podcasts, videos and columns that have or will debut on MediaVillage’s multiple platforms including: AdvancingDiversity.orgMediaVillage Knowledge ExchangeTV/Video Download, and Watch, Listen & Learn.

“Growth through education and diversity is our mantra for 2021, as it has been for decades. We have more columnists, more subject matter experts, and more intellectual commentary than any other publication in media, advertising, and marketing, by far,” said Myers. “We are proud to add new voices contributing to our library of more than 15,000 original thought leadership commentaries, educational articles, white papers, podcasts and videos MediaVillage has published over the past decade, all accessible through search, along with content from more than 30 curated publications, at”

Among the new video content series:
  •  #AskGen-Z: Video Content Director Amanda “Alex” Keaton focuses on the talent, leadership, and voices within the media industry who influence the demographic born into the internet and mobile age.
  • In the Loop: News, views, and commentary about social media content from TV/Video Download Correspondent Kelly Kozakevich.
  • Leadership ConversationsJack Myers hosts newly relaunched one-on-one discussions with industry leaders who are activists for change.
  • Legends & Leaders: Jack Myers interviews senior leaders on state of the media industry, data and analytics, marketing, talent development, and more.
  • Storytelling RevolutionRaquelle M. Zuzarte, Founder & CMO of Equity Project for All, interviews changemakers in the world of advertising, media, branding, creativity, innovation and global business.
  • The Update: Video Content Manager Christian Taylor brings viewers up to date on some of the most recent interviews and reviews at TV/Video Download.
  • WomenAdvancing: Purpose-driven leadership interviews with Kate Byrne, editor of, featuring female thought leaders passionate about positive social impact across a wide range of industries.
Among the new podcasts:
  • Jack Myers ThinkTankJack Myers speaks his mind on two-to-five-minute podcasts providing prescient advice and economic insights into the future of business, culture, and society.
  • The Pool: Hosted by Philip L. McKenzie, executive director of, the podcast highlights the wealth of diverse talent in our community. The cultural anthropologist features leaders investing in advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion programs from advocacy to activism.
  • View from the Grandstand: Audio Content Manager Justin Paura provides Gen Z perspectives on media coverage of sports and insights into multi-platform distribution and advertising strategies as marketers look to score with existing audiences and connect with new ones in the ever-evolving world of sports media.
Among the new columns:
  • The Age of AgingLarry Samuel, founder of Age Friendly Consulting, and author of Aging in America and Boomers 3.0, joins Boomer expert Peter Hubbell to explore the untapped marketing opportunities and buying power of baby boomers.
  • Insights for Curious MarketersTamara Alesi, Sector Head of Agencies & Media, YouGov, provides a data-driven look into understanding consumers and the advertising landscape fueling business growth.
  • LGBT+AdvancingKryss Shane, MS, MSW, LSW, LMSW (she/her), a leading advocate for LGBT+ rights and educator at Columbia University and Brandman University, brings her experience guiding the world’s top business leaders on their diversity, equity, and inclusion needs, to her new column.
  • Media in the Age of Algorithms: Media marketer Pattie Glod examines how the data explosion has created a dilemma for the media business and the need to come into the modern age without forgetting everything we have learned so far.
  • Multicultural MediaDr. Christopher Boulton, an advertising researcher, documentary filmmaker, and associate professor of communication at the University of Tampa, explores the intersection of race, gender, and class within the media and advertising business.
  • On Performance MarketingWendy Arnon, an award-winning performance media marketer, provides deep understanding of data analytics and cross-channel content strategy to improve user experience and drive better relationships across points of contact.

The more than a dozen new columnists and journalists join the over 30 writers and industry experts who deliver authoritative commentary about and for the media, marketing, advertising, entertainment, and education communities. Editorial Director of MediaVillage is Ed Martin, who oversees an editorial and subject matter expert team that also includes Ainsley Andrade, Simon Applebaum, Jacqueline Cutler, Michael Farmer, Steve Gidlow, Kent Harrington, Bill Harvey, Brian Jacobs, Paul S. Maxwell, Jeff Minsky, Jim Motavalli, Erich Prince, Alli Romano, Oriana Schwindt, and Charlene Weisler. For more information, visit

For interviews with Jack Myers, please contact Diane Stefani at To learn more about MediaVillage membership, contact

About MediaVillage:
MediaVillage is the leading B2B site for media, marketing, and advertising professionals.  Its mission is to advance media industry growth through investments in diversity and education. Through a collective impact approach, MediaVillage implements highly effective and cost efficient B2B growth solutions. More than 150 companies, organizations, and industry leaders are members of the MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange, a B2B Solutions marketplace for advancing marketing solutions, diversity, and education. For information, visit Follow @mediavillagecom @advdiversity @jackmyersbiz