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Unlocking Consumer Engagement Potential with Multicultural Digital Advertising

Date: Nov 13, 2023
Meet better prospects.
Market more precisely.
Improve your ROI.

​​​U.S. digital ad spend is expected to increase from $248 Billion
in 2022 to over $311 Billion in 2024. 

Advertising tech keeps improving digital ads’ efficiency. To stay effective, agencies, media companies, and advertisers need to make the most of available data. It’s important to dig deep into understanding digital audiences—how, where, and on what devices they engage. Instead of just relying on basic demographics, tap into proven digital audience insights rooted in real consumer behaviors, readily available for client campaigns.

Claritas Digital helps advertisers, agencies, and publishers confidently identify and reach the right online consumers. We offer 20,000+ insights on every U.S. consumer and household, and can execute multichannel campaigns for you, or onboard your audiences to activate across our network of 150+ channels and platforms. We can also:

  • Create personalized campaign messages for specific audiences like multicultural.
  • Reduce wasted ad spend with more focused media buys across the right channels.
  • Reach the right multicultural audiences when they’re ready to buy with Claritas’ industry-leading segmentation or custom audience capabilities.
  • Make more precise distribution, channel and merchandising decisions.

Bottom line? Claritas can help you increase campaign precision and ROI.


Using Claritas Asianicity™ CultureCodes®,
a media company increased their
engagements through conversations by 4-7x

A large media company worked with a telecommunications client wanting to connect with the right bi-cultural Asian consumers across key digital channels. Using Claritas Asianicity™ CultureCodes®, they gained acculturation, country of origin, and language knowledge, in addition to understanding the lifestyle behaviors of bi-cultural Asian consumer segments.


​​​​​With over 50 years experience and proven research…

Claritas has helped agencies and media organizations understand, find and activate consumers online. We excel at creating high-performing unique and granular audiences that address specific objectives across many industries, available and actionable across multiple channels. Claritas has over 2,500 syndicated audiences available and ready to activate today – including four of the industry’s most widely used and time-tested audience segmentations such as Claritas CultureCodes®.


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