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This is a moment of awakening for the multicultural audiences. Join the |R|Evolution with ADMERASIA.

Date: Sep 09, 2020


What is [R]Evolution?

During the pandemic, challenges facing multicultural audiences due to race and sociodemographic status has led to a moment of awakening across communities. Through inspiring initiatives and emerging media platforms, a new generation is challenging the norms and redefining their expectations from brands– they demand to be seen, heard & engaged.

[R]Evolution by Admerasia, one of the largest Asian American agencies in the U.S. is a platform designed to connect brands with the innovators and game-changers rewriting the rules of multicultural communication.

for Brands.

[R]Evolution is continually updated to offer brands engagement opportunities for the multicultural audiences especially with Asian Americans.

Extending support to Asian Americans, the fastest-growing segment in the U.S. in terms of both population and buying power, presents a strong business growth potential for brands.

Meet the [R]Evolutionaries
An evolving list of popular Asian American partners doing phenomenal work in Community | Entertainment | Content Creation.
Advocating the Voice  of
Global Asian Youth
Largest Asian American online publication in the U.S. and a leading news source for Asians around the world. It reaches 15 million readers per week on social media and over 70% of them are between ages 18 to 34.
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Secret Agents
Amplifying Asian Voice
through Influencers
A top digital collective agency with owned events & content that has been streamed on Hulu, NBC, and more. ISA’s growing talent roster includes top Asian American musicians, comedians, and lifestyle influencers that attract fans with an insatiable hunger for new content.
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Using the Language of Food
to Connect People
A food-focused lifestyle content platform covering 14 major cities in the U.S. with over 1.5 million followers; primarily Chinese Gen Z and Millennials, across social platforms such as WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
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Asian Cine Vision
Telling Asian Stories through Cinematography
A media arts nonprofit devoted to the development, exhibition, promotion, and preservation of Asian and Asian American diasporic experiences through storytelling. Since 1978, ACV has presented the Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF), the first and longest-running festival in the U.S. to showcase for the best in independent Asian and Asian American
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How do I get involved?

Visit our website to know more about each partner and their unique association opportunities.

Or drop us an email and we can help you develop an integrated plan that best suits your business requirements through a whole host of association opportunities, including but not limited to financial sponsorship, branded content development, existing brand asset integration, event sponsorship, platform media buys and more.

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