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Sensis Unveils Transportation Marketing Practice SensisConnect

Date: Dec 21, 2023
Sensis Unveils Transportation Marketing Practice SensisConnect

Sensis, the largest 100% minority-owned marketing agency in the country, announced the unveiling of its transportation marketing group, SensisConnect. With a foundation built on public engagement and communications for transportation projects, the core of SensisConnect is determining what communities, cultures and segments of the public exist and think about transportation projects and then finding ways to tailor our messaging directly to each of those groups in a way that resonates and moves them.

SensisConnect, which replaces Sharp & Company, builds on Sensis’ previous acquisition of Sharp & Company, a full-service communications consultancy with expertise helping transportation organizations move projects forward by connecting with their stakeholders and the public in meaningful and productive ways. With SensisConnect, Sensis is looking to revolutionize the way people both engage with and experience transportation initiatives and solutions by bridging the gap between transportation services and its users. The agency’s extensive multicultural marketing expertise, commitment to inclusivity, and behavior change expertise make it the strategic partner for major transportation providers and developers looking to reach a broader audience.

SensisConnect’s recent campaigns as a leading transportation partner include encouraging Austinites to rethink their conventional modes of transportation with CapMetro, a public transportation provider in Austin, Texas. SensisConnect has been working for over five years to advance ZEEVIC’s award-winning vision to integrate electric vehicles into Maryland’s transportation network. The Virginia Department of Transportation turned to SensisConnect to develop a strategic, high-visibility communications strategy to educate travelers and bring widespread public understanding when they implemented a peak-hour tolling system for I-66 Inside the Beltway. Additionally, SensisConnect developed multi-faceted, strategic communications plans and key messaging to address unique, community-specific challenges posed by reconstruction projects by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

SensisConnect also led the development of a rider-centric website for Foothill Transit. This community-oriented, environmentally friendly bus service covers over 327 square miles of Southern California’s San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, setting them apart from the rest of the transit space.

For more information, please contact Shannon Coyne, Transportation Marketing Manager at SensisConnect,

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