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Rincón & Associates LLC: Productivity Tools for Multicultural Marketers Are Introduced

Date: Dec 04, 2012

To facilitate decision-making in the multicultural industry, Rincón & Associates LLC has introduced three practical tools:

•    Serenity™ — an innovative multicultural survey response system that improves survey quality
•    Populus USA® — an app that allows quick access to key Census race/ethnic data
•    Test of Latino Culture© — a preliminary measure of an individual’s knowledge of U.S. Latinos

This innovative multicultural survey response system improves survey response rates and data quality in studies of culturally and linguistically-diverse communities.   The system addresses the known limitations of mail, online and telephone modes of data collection, as well as the biases associated with English-only surveys. Serenity™ has proven effective in various industry studies of multicultural consumers.   To learn more about Serenity™ and how it can improve your survey quality, click here to listen to an 8-minute video discussion by Dr. Rincón.

Populus USA®

This innovative app for iPhones and iPads was designed for individuals who need current Census data “on-the-go,” especially when time, knowledge or online access pose unnecessary barriers. With just a few clicks, Populus USA® provides the user access to pre-designed tables of data from the 2010 Census and the 2011 American Community Survey.  The 2010 Census information is tabulated by key race-ethnic groups and available for all geographies, including national, state, metro, county and city levels.  The 2011 American Community Survey tables provide data for geographies with populations of 65,000 or higher. Populus USA® is available for $8.99 at the Apple Store, which can be accessed by the following link:

Cultural IQ Tests
With the growing expansion of the multicultural industry, the demand for individuals who understand African American, Asian, and Latino consumers is also increasing.  Multicultural content, however, is virtually non-existent at U.S. academic institutions and college textbooks, creating a dilemma:  how will employers in the multicultural industry know that a college graduate, job applicant or current employee has the fundamental knowledge needed to make informed decisions?  Language ability and race-ethnic background may not be adequate indicators of this knowledge.
The Test of Latino Culture©, designed by Dr. Rincón,  is a preliminary assessment tool that addresses this shortcoming by allowing individuals to obtain feedback on their knowledge of U.S. Latinos on such topics as ethnic identity, demographic trends, language usage, culture and lifestyle, and decision-making skills.  By obtaining feedback on these topics, it is hoped that individuals would seek solutions to remedy their gaps in knowledge.  You are invited to take the TLC by visiting our web site at and clicking on the button that reads “Check your knowledge of U.S. Latinos.”

Academic instructors are encouraged to use the TLC in their classrooms to stimulate discussion on the topics addressed by the test. Similar IQ tests for African American and Asian culture will be released in the near future.

About Rincón & Associates LLC
Rincón & Associates LLC, based in Dallas, Texas for the past 30 years, is a marketing research firm that specializes in U.S. multicultural populations.  Its supportive services include survey research, qualitative research, demographic and statistical analysis, workshops and seminars, white papers, and strategic planning.  Dr. Edward T. Rincón, president of the firm, is a research psychologist who earned his doctorate at The University of Texas at Austin.  Dr. Rincón has taught college courses on statistics, survey research methods, Hispanic marketing, mass communications research, and qualitative techniques.  The research and viewpoints of Rincón & Associates LLC have been highlighted in such publications as Advertising Age, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week,, Real Estate Law & Industry Report,, AdWeek, Mexico Business, Hispanic Market Weekly,,, Drug Store News, and others.

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