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Research Thought Leaders Discuss Urgent Need for Diversity and Inclusivity in Sampling Practices

Date: Oct 07, 2019

Research Thought Leaders Discuss Urgent Need for Diversity and Inclusivity in Sampling Practices

By Michael Halberstam, Chairman, ISA

Last week, thought leaders in multicultural research converged in Santa Monica, CA for an in-depth panel discussion on the evolving landscape of consumer research. One clear takeaway emerged from the event — to stay relevant in an ever-changing market, researchers must become experts at connecting with diverse and niche audiences.

The WIRe (Women in Research) panel titled, “Empowered Insights: Diversifying Your Participant Pool” brought together experts from across the research ecosystem, including Kristin Spraggins, owner of the Band Consultancy; Kandra Rivers, Qualitative Operations Specialist, Consumer Insights, Netflix; Jacqueline Rosales, COO, SoapBoxSample/icanmakeitbetter; Nikki Yeboah, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at San Jose State University and Katrina Noelle, President of KNow Research.

The session focused on the need for fresh voices and perspectives in consumer research, and which strategies are the most effective. Research trailblazers discussed how new technologies can help break down the barriers between researchers and respondents, allowing them to connect with niche audiences in the places where they are most comfortable and forthcoming.

Topics of discussion included gender inclusivity, and racial and generational diversity. Jacqueline Rosales, COO of SoapBoxSample/icanmakeitbetter, discussed how certain research approaches, used strategically, act as micro-environments, fostering engagement among these communities, leading to authentic, in-context conversations.

“We had to meet people in environments where they were comfortable, said Jacqueline. “We built a mini community of 55+ cannabis consumers using our Customer Boardroom product, where they were able to talk to each other. At the end we asked them what they thought and they said – ‘we wish we could do all research tasks like this.’”

In an increasingly fragmented marketplace, brands need the ability to gather genuine feedback from their customers. This includes those who may be part of a unique, or sometimes underrepresented, population. Partnering with a research firm who understands how to reach nontraditional audiences allows brands to connect with diverse audience segments and build on those interactions to create the most authentic marketing messages.

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