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REPORT: Understanding Hispanic Insurance Preferences

Date: Jan 25, 2024
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Know Your Audience: A Study on Hispanic Insurance Preferences

The insurance industry generates hundreds of billions of dollars in yearly revenue in the U.S., but it is still a very competitive market. The key to standing out, while adequately addressing the current needs of consumers and anticipating their future wants, starts with knowing more about them.
In this report, you’ll gain insights into:
  • Insurance products held by Hispanic households (HHs)
  • Their number of policies and insurance plans
  • Their frequency of insurance shopping
  • The factors influencing Hispanic HHs when selecting policies
  • Their preferred customer service channels
  • The provider of their most recently purchased policy
  • The reasons behind the lack of specific types of insurance products

Interested in more insights beyond what we’ve included in this report, contact us at 800.234.5973 or visit to learn how to get customized insights to meet the needs of your specific marketing and business needs.
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