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Recognize and Reduce Workplace Bias with Bold Culture’s Spotting Bias Workshop

Date: Mar 29, 2023
Did you know there are 50+ biases that can show up in the workplace? Knowing how these biases affect interpersonal relationships and your company’s work product will help you avoid causing unknown harm.

Bold Culture’s Spotting Bias inclusion workshop helps you to recognize and reduce instances of bias within your organization through a scenario-based virtual breakout room experience, led by our expert moderators.
“I loved that there was a right answer and explanation around each [scenario], [and that] everybody was not always right. The activities allowed us to apply what we learned, which is always ideal when you want people to actually pick up and develop habits”

— Spotting Bias workshop participant

Spotting Bias has a survey course and additional specific Spotting Gender Bias or Spotting Biased Decisions options as well.

Interested in hearing more about our Spotting Bias inclusive workshop? Contact a member of the Bold team via email to schedule a call with a representative. For further information about our inclusive workplace learning and development offerings, please visit our Learning and Development page here.

Join thousands of employees who have experienced our Spotting Bias course today!