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Reaching U.S. Latino Millennials on Mobile: Android is the Future

Date: Sep 14, 2017


Reaching U.S. Latino Millennials on Mobile: Android is the Future

Trying to reach young Hispanics on mobile? Check your assumptions at the door.

True. There are similarities between Hispanic millennials and their non-Hispanic peers. But there also exist significant differences. These nuances translate to the digital realm and deserve careful consideration when building your mobile strategy around this influential population, now 24 million strong.

MundoHispánico’s success was built in the image of our largely mobile-only audience. Ninety-six percent of our traffic-31 million monthly page views-is mobile.[1] These daily interactions provide a unique perspective on the nuances of Hispanics’ mobile use and engagement. Here we’ll explore one insight: engagement among Hispanic millennials on Android.

Market consensus is that the youngest smartphone users are on Apple iPhones and that iOS users are more engaged. Indeed, 37% of all 18 to 24-year-olds are on iOS compared to 34% who are on Android[2], and iOS users spend 50% more per month in in-app purchases than Android users.[3] These trends shouldn’t be extrapolated to the Hispanic audience. Mostly because Hispanics prefer Android. Not surprising on its own, perhaps, but enlightening considered alongside findings by ThinkNow Research that show Hispanic millennials to have higher levels of engagement than their non-Hispanic peers.

“If we use actual search behaviors as a proxy for mobile engagement, we see that bilingual Hispanic millennials are search superstars: performing more searches that their English dominant and Spanish dominant counterparts and non-Hispanic whites overall,” said Mario Carrasco, ThinkNow Research. “Additionally, they are scrolling through more search pages after they search, indicating a highly engaged mobile user.”

We see these high levels of engagement firsthand. Our users turn more than five screens in the MundoHispánico app and spend five minutes per visit,[4] and 63% of our audience accesses MundoHispánico via the Android mobile operating system.[5] Since MundoHispánico launched its app in August 2016, users have downloaded 88% more Android app units than iOS app units.[6]

This affinity for Android does not diminish with age, particularly among our young, male audience. Consider this snapshot of our latest app traffic: in the last 28 days, almost three times as many unique male users, ages 13 to 24, accessed MundoHispánico content using Android versus iOS.[7]

Further illustrating this trend is the largely young, male community of MiMundo Motor. Nearly 77% of the MiMundo Motor audience are males between the ages of 18 to 34-years-old.[8] Sixty-six percent of these followers access our content via Android, compared to 36% of the general U.S. population that access Facebook using the Android OS.[9]

Similarly, in MundoHispánico’s MiMundo Fashion community, 79% of which is comprised of women ages 18 to 34, there’s a strong preference for Android: 59%, compared to 36% for the general U.S. audience.[10]

Shareability among Hispanics in app downloads and usage, discovered by ThinkNow Research, drives home why marketers should not underestimate this loyalty to Android anytime soon.

“Sixty-one percent of Hispanics have downloaded an app to use or share with other people, said Carrasco. “This is one of my favorite data points as it not only shows an engaged mobile user, but one that creates a halo affect with friends and family through a collectivist usage of their mobile devices.”

Considering the influence young Hispanics have on their family and friends, Android’s stake among this segment is likely to become further entrenched. Add to this the relative youth of U.S. Hispanics, and these trends have significant implications for long-term mobile engagement strategies.

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Alberto Perez, Senior Director of Revenue

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