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Jan 04, 2024
Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) announces the addition of Kai Fuentes, CEO/President, Ebony Marketing Systems to its Multicultural Speakers Showcase
Dec 21, 2023
Sensis, the largest 100% minority-owned marketing agency in the country, announced the unveiling of its transportation marketing group, SensisConnect
Nov 30, 2023
For Kai Fuentes, president and CEO of Ebony Marketing Systems (EMS), building a thriving business and providing her clients with high-quality multicultural market research comes down to two key pieces of advice her parents gave her: “Don’t give up,”
Nov 27, 2023
Take charge of your financial well-being by learning the options available to get back on track financially if you suffer a financial hardship, what to do before you start investing, or how to research and purchase investments
Nov 15, 2023
Lighthouse-Ameribase is pleased to announce it has been selected by 123Push to manage their email and postal database with hundreds of consumer segments, including dedicated multicultural audiences
Nov 13, 2023
Advertising tech keeps improving digital ads' efficiency. To stay effective, agencies, media companies, and advertisers need to make the most of available data
Nov 10, 2023
We are incredibly proud to introduce and release our all-new software solution that provides instant access to the deepest, most actionable, and brand-specific cultural insights to win diverse American consumers: fluen.ciSM
Nov 10, 2023
We're looking for adults who want to make a difference in the lives of others
Nov 08, 2023
Ethnic Technologies, the leading multicultural marketing software and data company, celebrates “November is National Native American Heritage Month
Nov 03, 2023
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