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Norsan Media proves Hispanics are a high growth market for advertisers

Date: Aug 18, 2021
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Know more about how Norsan was able to leverage Claritas’ multicultural data and platform solutions to build their winning pitch to advertisers and establish a strategy for market expansion.
Norsan Media is a media communications company that focuses on connecting clients to the rapidly expanding Hispanic market. They own and operate 28 local Spanish language radio stations, 3 Spanish language TV stations, and an award-winning Spanish newspaper. Norsan wanted to gain deeper insights into the Hispanic audiences within their coverage areas to increase their win rate among key advertisers, adjust their radio and TV programming, as well as establish the right mix of ad messaging, in-language and in-culture. Norsan was able to get the insights they needed on the U.S. Hispanic market with Claritas’ unique combination of proprietary datasets:

  • Claritas Pop-Facts® data was used to understand gender, level of education, median household income, family size and age.
  • Claritas Consumer Spending Dynamix (CSDx) data was used for insights into Hispanic household consumer spending and buying power.
  • Claritas Hispanicity™ CultureCodes® was used to understand levels of Hispanic acculturation, Hispanic country of origin, and Hispanic language preferences.

Using intelligence-driven insights from Claritas, not only was Norsan able to enhance two business verticals with incremental revenue, they were also able to launch a new product offering (direct mail) for all markets and help their customers expand into new regions and territories.

Know More About Hispanic Audiences
To connect with Hispanic consumers, you need to go beyond in-language and focus on being culturally relevant. Further segment Hispanic audiences and gain a better understanding of their level of acculturation and insights into their ancestry, socioeconomic status, lifestyle, behaviors, and more with Claritas’ Hispanicity™ Storyboards.
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