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New Report: Hispanic-American Households To Spend $2.5 Million In Lifetime Purchases

Date: May 07, 2019
Are you ready to serve the diverse Hispanic consumer market?

Find out why Hispanic Households will spend$538,636 more than White American Households in their lifetime. Plus, get other key data on what they are buying.

Its all in the newest Claritas research report. Get your copy today to sell smarter and win bigger!

In Celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we’re releasing our latest Hispanic American Market Report.

In this report, you’ll learn how Hispanics make up one-fifth of the American population overall and more than two-thirds of population growth nationwide. In fact, the Hispanic population grew 83% from 2000-2019, expanding from over 35 million to over 64 million.

Perhaps more importantly, the long-term trajectory of Hispanic spending outpaces the population overall and their spending power will continue to grow. Don’t miss out on capturing opportunities with this fast-growing consumer market!

Learn more about…

  • Median Household Income by Ethnicity/Race
  • Hispanic Cumulative Lifetime Spending of Households Compared to Other Segment Groups
  • Hispanic Acculturation Segments and Country of Origin
  • Hispanic Adult Social Media Usage by platform and device and much, much more!
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