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New Report: Black Trans and Non-Binary Folx Say It’s Time to Move from Extraction to Care

Date: Aug 03, 2022
New Report: Black Trans and Non-Binary Folx Say It’s Time to Move from
Extraction to Care


Bold Culture’s new insights report When The Image Speaks Back is now available.

Edited by artist and writer Fatima Jamal, the over 62-page issue features a trove of personal accounts of Black Trans and Non-binary folx experience in the media, marketing, entertainment and advertising industries.

“This issue of Spectrum—released two years after its last publication amidst a global health crisis of multiple pandemics and extreme duress—begs that we imagine life otherwise; that we forever affirm and understand that a trans lens, a trans embodiment, a trans politic, a trans love, a trans rage, a trans blues, a trans reckoning, can (and will) only free us all,” Fatima says.

The volume includes a conversation with POSE star Indya Moore and producer Jonovia Chase, a roundtable discussion with photographer Texas Isaiah, writer/advocate Tiq Milan, and writer/activist Devin-Norelle, an analysis of on-screen trans and non-binary characters, a view inside a Black trans book club building community, and more.


Shaadi D explores “What Is A Woman?”. Jamie Lee ponders The Psychology of Cisgender Audacity: On Black Men’s Desire To Caricaturize and Become Female. Bianca Gonzalez takes us into The Belly of the Beast: Da’Shaun Harrison on Anti-blackness, Anti-Fatness, and  Desirability.

Remarkable portraits are provided by artists including Texas Isaiah, Brikarri, Luis Suarez, Lexi Webster, and Fatima Jamal herself that bring the issue to life.

“This is a work of love by and about a community that deserves more care and less extraction. Working with Fatima on this report was a phenomenal experience,” Darren Martin Jr., Bold Culture’s CEO, says. “Her storytelling and collaborative approach in work has always been and will always be heartful and world-building. This is an imperative read for everyone.

Download now for free on Bold Culture’s Culture Hub insight platform.



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Darren Martin Jr., Founder & CEO, Bold Culture