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New: LGBTQ Community Survey (free to download)!

Date: Nov 08, 2021
Learn from CMI’s 15th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey

(free to download)!

Download and gain strategic insights from the Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) 15th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey. This is the longest-running (15 years) and largest (over 15,000 completes from the USA) research report on LGBTQ consumers of its kind. CMI produces this study every year and offers it for FREE download in order to improve all LGBTQ marketing planning and communications.

Report topics include:
  • Demographics of LGBTQ Consumers who interact with community media, organizations and events.
  • Terminology (LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+, etc.) preferred by gender and generation
  • Pronoun usage by gender and generation
  • Impact of outreach, advertising and sponsorship
  • LGBTQ health and COVID response
  • Finances and employment
  • Lots more

For your FREE report, please send a request to: Include your name and business title.

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For more information or assistance with a custom LGBTQ study, please contact