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Multi-Cultural Research From The Client Side To The Supplier Side

Date: Sep 25, 2013

Garrett McGuire, who has recently joined Quester as our Vice President of Product Marketing, shares his thoughts on understanding culture. Garrett has transitioned from the research client-side to the research supplier-side, and has used multicultural research in the retail sector.”As a corporate researcher for a multi-billion dollar retailer, I understood the importance of our localization initiatives. If executed properly, it would be a win for us and a win for our consumers: we would win their love, and they would have a comfortable place to go for their specific needs. The key to a successful execution of a localization strategy is the comprehensive understanding of a culture. Not just demographics, but also their needs, their wants, their motivations and their aspirations. It’s not only understanding who they are, but also who they want to be; not only what they currently have, but also what they want. Quester has a unique advantage over other research organizations in that hundreds of interviews can be conducted online or mobile, in a variety of languages, with the expertise of linguists who can expose the true meaning of what people are saying. Most importantly, Quester seeks a well-rounded comprehension of people as people before people as consumers; this simple fact is precisely why I joined this team.”Learn about Quester’s new mobile capabilities and the impact on multi-cultural market research.

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