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“Multi”-Cultural does not mean 100% Hispanic

Date: Oct 04, 2017

“Multi”-cultural ≠ 100% Hispanic

(multi-/ˈməltē//ˈməlti/): More than one; many, various.


It’s no secret that today’s multicultural market has exploded.  Nearly half of the American population identifies as part of one minority group or another.  However, multicultural agencies have been slow to adapt to the changing marketplace.  The very change that they argued and fought for themselves, they are now denying the other up and coming multicultural marketing segments.  The vast majority of “multicultural” agencies in the U.S. are former Hispanic agencies, who have merely adopted the multicultural title, without changing their exclusionary practices to include many other equally valuable and worthy market segments (e.g. South Asian, Indian, Asian, Filipino).  In effect, they are talking the talk, but not walking the walk.  This is particularly critical to clients because, dollar for dollar, these growing markets represent greater buying power, household incomes, levels of education and professional status.  Shockingly, although the U.S. Hispanic market currently makes up less than 50% of the overall multicultural market, some industry sources estimate it accounts for as much as 95% of multicultural agency spending. The very agencies that for years have proclaimed the need for multiculturalism, seem to have turned a deaf ear to any market segments other than Hispanic.  Anecdotally, in the last year, Emerging Networks has reached out to many of the nation’s top-rated multicultural agencies and virtually every one of them refused to even meet – the sole agency that did meet, told Emerging Networks’ executives: “It’s not your time yet.”

This kind of apathy and dismissive practice is more than merely bad business, as agencies are not providing their clients the best possible advice, but unethical, because it suggests that these agencies are arbitrarily limiting the choices they are making and the counsel they are passing on for reasons other than the value they represent to their clients.  This type of exclusionary practice has no place in business or in our society in 2017.

At Emerging Networks, we believe that the U.S. business community must make opportunity available equally to all Americans regardless of race, creed or color.  We believe it’s time for those same media professionals who broke down the barriers and opened the doors for the U.S. Hispanic market, to extend that same opportunity to other emerging ethnic markets who are following in their footsteps, rather than shut those doors behind them, because that is the American way.

Emerging Networks is proud to be the premier multicultural television company representing dozens of multicultural media companies, serving a myriad of underserved American multicultural market segments – markets that are not merely valuable, but which over-index in virtually every imaginable criterion that clients are asking for.

Isn’t it time you connected your product or service with the entire U.S. multicultural market?

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