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Lisa Spira, Director of Research and Product Development, Ethnic Technologies Joins Multicultural Marketing Resources’ Speakers Showcase

Date: Mar 15, 2018
Lisa Spira joins Multicultural Marketing Resources’ Speakers 

Showcase at

March, 2018 – Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) announces the addition of Lisa Spira, Director of Research and Product Development, Ethnic Technologies to its Multicultural  Speakers Showcase. The Showcase, which launched in March 2005, features top multicultural marketing and diversity experts who are available to speak on a wide range of topics at conferences, symposiums, corporate events, training sessions, and other multicultural business and consumer events around the country.

Lisa Spira channels her lifelong passion for names into developing multicultural marketing insights as Director of Research and Product Development at Ethnic Technologies. Lisa joined Ethnic Technologies as a researcher in 2008 based on her credentials as an onomastician and has honed her data analysis toolbox ever since. In her current role, Lisa oversees the research, design, and development of the E-Tech Product Suite and develops the team responsible for these multicultural business insight tools. Lisa holds a degree in linguistics from Syracuse University and previously served on the Executive Council for the American Name Society.

Interested in names? She’s also a baby name consultant and contributor to the primary US-based website for name-related information. Contact her with onomastic inquiries.

Her speaking topics include:
  • multicultural marketing
  • data-driven marketing
  • targeted marketing
  • predictive data
  • naming trends
  • baby names
  • names & ethnicity
  • names & gender
  • applied linguistics & applied onomastics
Karen Sinisi
Director of Sales
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About Ethnic Technologies
Ethnic Technologies is the Global Leader in Multicultural Marketing, Research, database enhancements and modeling. The EthniCenter® from Ethnic Technologies is the result of over 40 years of continuous ethnic, religious and language preference research.
Our software segments databases by Ethnicity, Religion, Language Preference, Assimilation Index, Hispanic Country of Origin and Gender more accurately and comprehensively than any other approach. Our analytics and modeling team supports clients with ethnic, language, assimilation, religion and gender data appending services, thus providing marketing professionals with an overview of emerging and existing opportunities. Marketing professionals can also acquire ethnic mailing, telemarketing and email lists for the United States and Canada. With Our “Challenge Guarantee” E-TECH is the Platinum Standard for all Ethnic Marketing and targeting programs. E-TECH’s Premium Product is Hispanic and Asian Assimilation Indexes, which distinguishes individuals based on their level of assimilation within American culture. E-Tech ® and The EthniCenter ® are registered trademarks of Ethnic Technologies.

About MMR’s Multicultural Speakers Showcase
MMR’s Multicultural  Speakers Showcase, was developed to help conference producers, seminar organizers and corporate meeting planners find keynote or workshop speakers, panelists and trainers.  Experts featured can speak about diversity issues and marketing to these consumer groups: Hispanic, African American, Asian American, Native American, Russian, Polish, American Muslim, LGBT, women, minority/women business owners, people with disabilities and others. There is no charge to access the Showcase, which has the speakers’ contact information and links to their websites. In addition to these speakers, other experts are listed in MMR’s online Experts Directory. For more information on the Showcase, or to book a speaker, please visit