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Learn How to Navigate the Multicultural Consumer Landscape: Newsletter from C+R Research

Date: Jul 09, 2019
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Hello Summer, and Happy Pride Month! In our last Emerge Smarter Newsletter, we featured one of our most widely used research methodologies, Product Testing. We partner with clients from many industries, and product testing plays an important role in helping them to achieve important business goals.

This newsletter features our multicultural division, CultureBeat®. Our CultureBeat® team is comprised of researchers—both quantitative and qualitative—from many diverse backgrounds, who have a passion for understanding your consumers. From Hispanic research through our LatinoEyes® experts, to understanding the nuances of the rich LGBTQ communities, our experts are driven to tell your consumers’ stories and to help you navigate today’s multicultural landscape.


Unraveling the Complexities of Cultural Identity

Date/Time: July 25, 2019 | 12:30 p.m. CDT

Presenters: The CultureBeat® Research Team

It seems like everyone’s getting their DNA ancestry tested now, and how we define ourselves has become so much more intricate. Identity goes beyond one’s ethnicity and race. It can be multidimensional, and that is more evident now than ever before. With the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall celebrated in June and LGBTQ rights at the forefront of America’s shifting landscape, minorities are becoming the majority in an ever-changing country.

Identity is more complex now in terms of how we view ourselves—it goes beyond demographics. Does “multicultural” in this broader sense seem overwhelming or unfamiliar to you and your team? Join C+R’s dedicated CultureBeat® Team for a spirited panel discussion as they bring rich context to the modern multicultural consumer’s psyche to help your brand understand how to best serve this multifaceted population. During this videotaped roundtable discussion, you will hear about:

  • The evolution of cultural identity,
  • How brands can adjust mindfully regarding multicultural consumers,
  • How to use research to think about product portfolios, communication, and representation

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Understanding an Untapped Hispanic Audience: Case Study for a Financial Services Organization

We partnered with a financial services organization who wanted to provide services for a niche, underserved Hispanic market. Learn how our multicultural experts’ research design was able to find these hard-to-reach consumers and provide insights to develop strategies and tactics to market to the Hispanic segment.


Multicultural Case Study:  Infusing Diversity and Inclusion in Media & Entertainment

Diversity and inclusion are fast becoming the norm in the marketplace, which is why a global media company sought to understand its diverse, multicultural viewers on the topic of inclusion and diversity in media/entertainment. They wanted to tackle this sensitive topic and hear from their viewers on what’s important to them and why. What they learned would ultimately be used to help infuse cultural diversity in the company from the top-down.  VIEW HERE  →


E-Pub: CultureBeat® Pulse

This e-pub is a curated collection of current, relevant topics on multiculturalism and multicultural consumers. C+R’s multicultural researchers tackle sensitive issues facing the world today and celebrate our unique differences. Our goal is to bring to you informed points of view on how knowing these diverse groups (and speaking to them) can help drive your business forward. VIEW HERE  →


Blog: 50 Years Ago – The Birth of Pride Month

This blog takes you back 50 years to the events in New York City that sparked a movement for change in the LGBTQ community. It was one of many events leading to the creation of Pride Month.


Meet Some of Our CultureBeat® Experts


Jorge Martinez
Vice President
Qualitative Research

Ashleigh Williams
Research Director
Qualitative Research 
Shaili Bhatt
Senior Research Director
Qualitative Research

Patricia Fernandez
Senior Research Director
Quantitative Research