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Latin2Latin Launches Online, DIY Tool: The Latin Ready Assessment

Date: Aug 01, 2012

Are You Confident & Ready to Capture the  Rapidly Growing Latino Market?  Latin2Latin’s Latin Ready Assessment™ is Step 1!

August 1, 2012, Ft. Lauderdale, FL--Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L) proudly introduces the revolutionary, powerful and proprietary Latin Ready Assessment™(basic), an online tool that evaluates how prepared organizations are to address the rapidly growing Latino market. This user-friendly, DIY online tool features a combination of multiple choice, true/false and open-ended questions and takes approximately 10 minutes or less to complete. The results of the assessment allow L2L to provide organizations with a holistic, qualitative and quantitative look at their Latino DNA and ability to successfully market to this segment.

Leverage the Latin Ready Assessment™ (basic) to analyze your organization, evaluating departments such as Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Operations etc. and get a roadmap for engaging Latino consumers.

The online assessment – for up to 10 participants from your organization – is only $750. To learn more and to evaluate your own company’s readiness to target the Hispanic market click here.  Upon completion, you will receive a score plotted onto the Latin Ready Spectrum™ indicating your organization’s readiness followed by Latin2Latin’s quick snapshot analysis of your organization’s Latino DNA, key observations and topline thought starters on how your organization can become Latin Ready™.

World-class brands have utilized the Latin Ready Assessment™ and are successfully engaging with the Latino community they serve.

“The Latin Ready Assessment really helped us to understand how ready we were to speak to the Latino mom. Once we were through it, we had a great idea of where we stood, and what we needed to focus on to make sure we spoke to her in a respectful manner—the way she wanted to be spoken to. The tool was easy to implement and resulted in a wealth of information and guidance. But, above all, it opened up our eyes to the tremendous opportunities we have with the Latino market and changed how KinderCare thinks as an organization about this critical audience.”–Burt Rosen, VP of Marketing for Knowledge Universe

“The Latin Ready Assessment is an innovative online tool for companies to learn not only if they are financially ready, but also “emotionally” ready to undertake a campaign targeting Hispanic consumers.”–Lisa Skriloff, President of Multicultural Marketing Resources

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business and provide your organization with the necessary tools to capture your fair share of today’s Latino market!

To purchase the Latin Ready Assessment™, visit

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