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Kai Fuentes, CEO/President, Ebony Marketing Systems Joins Multicultural Marketing Resources’ Speakers Showcase

Date: Jan 04, 2024
Kai Fuentes Joins Multicultural Marketing Resources’ 

Speakers Showcase

November 2023 –Multicultural Marketing Resources, Inc. (MMR) announces the addition of Kai Fuentes, CEO/President, Ebony Marketing Systems to its Multicultural Speakers Showcase. The Showcase, which launched in March 2005, features top multicultural marketing and diversity experts who are available to speak on a wide range of topics at conferences, symposiums, corporate events, training sessions, and other multicultural business and consumer events around the country (or via virtual presentations).

Kai Fuentes is the President and Founder of Ebony Marketing Systems, Inc. (EMS), a multilingual, multicultural market research firm. As a minority female business owner, Mrs. Fuentes saw a need as well as an opportunity to develop a niche within the marketing research arena in the area of multicultural research. She has over 20-years’ experience in qualitative and quantitative research studies which facilitates the identification of ethnic-bound perceptions and attitudes of the multicultural market.

In 2021 under her leadership, EMS issued “Quick Guide: Understanding Black Americans in 2021” to assist markets and marketers in ‘authentically connecting with the Black community” and added the “Quick Guide to the Latino Community” in 2022. She is preparing an additional guide for the Asian American/Pacific Islander market. In 2022 she was named an IPC Laureate with a distinguished career marked by meaningful contributions that advance the profession. This is a lifetime recognition of distinction in the field from Insights Association.

Annually, Mrs. Fuentes oversees 75 qualitative listening/focus group projects that result in “directional” or “indicative” outcomes that clients use as actionable outcomes. She ensures quality through process reviews, standards, documentation, and project audit. She trains the bilingual and multicultural staff to identify ethnic-bound perceptions and attitudes providing in-depth cultural insights across a broad spectrum. Under Mrs. Fuentes’ leadership, EMS has a reputation for accurate results, on time and on budget projects. Its success lies in the careful attention to detail; the field data collection department can handle any type of study in any marketplace throughout the U.S. In its 12 years of multi-cultural, full-service market research, EMS has never had any judgments or lawsuits or actions against any adverse contract actions, including termination(s), suspension, imposition of penalties, or other actions relating to failure to perform or deficiencies in fulfilling contractual obligations.

In 2021-22, Mrs. Fuentes managed a full-service, national study of Black women to explore wellness in the workplace. The quantitative phase surveyed 3,963 Black working women and the qualitative phase honed in with 40 in-depth interviews. The objective of the project was to identify proactive strategies that companies can employ to address racism in the workplace, thereby sustaining or improving the overall wellness of Black women. She has also worked extensively with the African American, the Black diaspora market segments, and other hard-to-reach populations to understand the social, economic and cultural nuances that drive ethnic-bound perceptions and attitudes. This research spans naming a consolidated hospital, motivating African Americans to vacation in Minnesota, and improving healthcare outcomes for pregnant and parenting African American mothers. Her working relationships include federal and state governments, community organizations and centers, private companies and organizations.

Kai Fuentes has extensive experience using the latest survey query techniques and data collection instruments that are used to measure both qualitative and quantitative data output. In 2016, the NYNJ Purchasing Council gave Mrs. Fuentes an award as a top business leader in New York City; she was also written in Madam Noir as a best business entrepreneur under 40. In 2022 she was named an IPC Laureate with a distinguished career marked by meaningful contributions that have advanced the profession, and she was also named a Bronx Woman of the Year. Kai serves as the DEI consultant for the Insights Association, Central Atlantic Chapter, on the board of Camp Keith , a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Brown and Black families, on the board for AAPOR Inclusive Voices, and in her spare time, she volunteers with adult literacy programs. She is a sought-after presenter for multicultural market research. With a background in Social Work, Mrs. Fuentes runs her firm with compassion and integrity.

Her Areas of Expertise Include:
  • Small business owner
  • Leadership
  • Balancing small business and life 
  • Qualtatitive research methodologies
  • Multiucltural market research tips
  • Current research case studies
  • Multicultural intersexuality 
  • Corporate mindfulness
Education: BA- College of New Rochelle, MSW-Adelphi University
Training: Riva Training
Associations: American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) , Insights Association
2013 Madam Noir 30 under 30 business owner award
2016 NY/NJ Purchasing Council small business award
2022 Insights Association Laureates Award
2022 Power Women of the Bronx Award
Insights Association Central Atlantic Chapter 2021-present
AAPOR Subcommittee Inclusive Voices 2021- Present

AAPOR Subcommittee Online Education 2023-Present

Kai Fuentes
Tel: 718-742-0006

Ebony Marketing Systems, Inc.
225 West 34th Street, 9th floor
New York, NY, 10122
About MMR’s Multicultural Speakers Showcase

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