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Introduction to ThinkCultural LLC – Asian American Digital Advertising Company

Date: Mar 10, 2022

Introduction to ThinkCultural LLC – Asian American Digital Advertising Company

ThinkCultural LLC is a multicultural focused digital advertising company headquartered in California. We are a certified WBE, MBE, and WOSB company. We offer Asian American digital inventory.

ThinkCultural enables agencies and media planners to reach Asian audiences across US and Canada by helping them execute multicultural digital campaigns. ThinkCultural is wholly owned and operated by Priya Sharma, an Indian-origin media veteran with over 17 years of experience in Digital Advertising. Over these years, Priya had the distinct honor of working in leadership roles across multiple global corporations in the US and India while handling yearly budgets ranging from $500K to $1M per client.

ThinkCultural helps agencies and media planners reach the Asian audiences at scale with our knowledge of the cultures and connections with media companies in Asia by leveraging the technology and making it easy for clients to run multicultural campaigns at ThinkCultural.

Some crucial facts about the Asian American community ;

  • The 2020 United States Census reported approximately 24 million people (7.2% of the total population) identified as Asians in 2020. 
  • At the current rate, Asian American community will be the largest minority population by 2065.
  • From 2000 to 2019, the Asian American population increased by more than 81%, while the total population of the US increased by 16%.
  • Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial group in the US electorate. From 2000 to 2020, Asian American voters doubled, increasing by 139%. More than 11 million Asian Americans are voters, making up nearly 5% of the eligible voters in the United States.

Briefly, we help you with the below offerings ;

  • Work with agencies on Direct IO based campaigns by submitting proposals to reach Asian Americans & Asian Canadians
  • Execution of digital campaigns across all Asian publishers for the US/Canada market.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns

Whether your motto is to grow your audience for your next online campaign or you want to sell products and services to Asian Americans and Asian Canadians, we are here to help you.

Primary Contact – Priya Sharma, Founder & CEO
Mailing Address – 7187 Calistoga Ln. Dublin, CA 94568.
Telephone – 972-804-0066