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Introducing by Collage Group – Access Brand-Specific Cultural Insights

Date: Nov 10, 2023

News from Collage Group

New Software Solution,, Offers Instant Access to Brand-Specific Cultural Insights

Dear friend,

We are incredibly proud to introduce and release our all-new software solution that provides instant access to the deepest, most actionable, and brand-specific cultural insights to win diverse American consumers:


Built on top of best-in-class technology, fluen.ciSM enables unprecedented access to cultural insights that will help you answer the challenge of marketing to a culturally diverse, fragmented country.

Our AI-powered application offers rich cultural insights that illuminate a brand’s performance across all consumer segments, compare performance to competitors, and connect the performance data to deep consumer insights for action and growth. 

Simply put, we’re enabling marketing and insights professionals to maximize the impact of their investments. 

Contact us today to learn how you can gain access to

Thank you,

David Wellisch HE/HIM

CEO & Co-Founder

Collage Group

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