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In tune with your multicultural consumer? Read the new issue of CultureBeat® PULSE e-zine From C+R Research

Date: Aug 19, 2019

Keep your finger on the pulse of today’s multicultural consumer with this CultureBeat PULSE issue 3. 


The Multicultural Landscape: 
Your Brand…Your Impact…It Matters

Welcome to the CultureBeat® PULSE e-zine! We developed this publication with the goal of keeping you on the “pulse” of what’s relevant to today’s multicultural consumers. Each issue is a curated group of topics that focus on the happenings in our society and marketplace and, most importantly, why it matters.


In this issue of the PULSE, we celebrate inclusion and diversity. Read about the different terms for Hispanics, the different terms adopted to identify oneself, the impact of the census citizenship question, and how inclusion is celebrated.

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Latin What? Thoughts About Modern Monikers and Valuing Purity and Tradition in a Beautiful Language

While languages are, indeed, living and ever-evolving (minus Latin and other antique languages), proper use of language matters for functional reasons in marketing. read more


Census Citizenship Question: Bad for Business and Marketing Research?

The current administration has proposed the inclusion of a citizenship question in the 2020 Census. The question would directly ask the U.S. citizenship status of everyone living in the nation…read more