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How C+C Used Poetry to Change Behavior

Date: Sep 13, 2018



What’s more exciting than recycling?

Well, just about everything.

And although research indicates that the Spanish-speaking audiences want to do their part in helping the environment, it’s been challenging finding the correct messaging to accomplish this.

That was the challenge that Waste Management brought to C+C in early 2017: how can we elevate the mundane act of recycling into a source of pride.

The solution? Poetry. Inspired by Pablo Neruda’s odes to everyday items, ranging from happiness to socks, C+C developed the “Odas al reciclaje” (Odes to Recyclables). This campaign transformed recycling bottles, paper and cans into a thing of beauty.

What’s most meaningful about this campaign is that it was written, illustrated and created by Latinos for Latinos.

View the 15 second ‘Ode to Plastics’ created by WM and C+C

The lesson? Even the mundane can be beautiful if you understand your audience, the context that shapes their world, and you’re willing to work collaboratively with them to make something special.

Oh, and be sure to rinse out plastic bottles and cans before you recycle them. It makes a big difference.

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