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HISPANICITY™ Storyboards: Learn about the 5 Hispanic acculturation segments

Date: Oct 16, 2019


Are you ready to segment your customers and prospects by Hispanicity?

In these Storyboards, not only do we cover demographics, financial product usage, shopping and media behaviors, we look at HISPANICITY by… 

  • Country of Origin 
  • Television Preferences 
  • Activities, Occupations and Types of Dwelling
  • Stores Visited 
  • And Wireless/Cell Phone Carriers 

HISPANICITY Storyboards: Learn about the 5 Hispanic acculturation segments

Today there are 64 million Hispanics in the U.S. and they are not all alike. To capture this market opportunity, you must first understand their likes, dislikes, preferences, behaviors, etc. You have to dig deeper into what makes them tick to find your next customer.

Claritas’ CultureCodes, lets you segment multicultural consumers by acculturation using country of origin, life stage, socioeconomic strata and a variety of shopping and media behaviors. Hispanicity CultureCodes help you create smarter consumer segments to effectively tailor your messaging, promotions, as well as products & services to the specific wants, needs, language usage and cultural practices of the diverse Hispanic/Latino market.

Download our U.S. Hispanicity Storyboards to learn how to leverage Hispanicity CultureCodes in your markets for a deeper understanding of the Hispanic/Latino population. Get detailed insights into each Hispanic acculturation segment (HA1 through HA5), covering their demographics, financial product usage, as well as a variety of shopping and media behaviors.

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