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Get to Know Your Customers with Ethnic Technologies’ Proprietary Analytics

Date: Nov 20, 2014


Get to Know Your Customers with Ethnic Technologies’ Proprietary Analytics

Ethnic Technologies is the leading provider of multicultural marketing information to the Fortune 500 to help them reach Hispanic, African American and Asian customers.

What do you know about your multicultural customers?

Ethnic Technologies’ flagship product, E-Tech, takes their clients’ customer list and gives them back the following information about who their customers are: Ethnicity, Ethnic Group, Language Preference, Religion and Hispanic Country of Origin. E-Tech also incorporates Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) technology, a granular geographic data system to analyze all available name intelligence and geographic information. Then, using proprietary, culturally sensitive, expert system logic they can predict the ethnicity and other demographics for every single customer. E-Tech can identify more than 180 specific ethnicities within 16 general ethnic groups.


Are Your Customers Assimilated? Affluent?

Assimilation represents the degree to which a Hispanic or Asian individual has adopted the language and culture of the United States. With each level of assimilation, the individual’s spending habits, socioeconomic status, communication preference and other lifestyle characteristics differ. Ethnicity, language preference, education, income, socioeconomic status, dwelling size and ENA are just some of the variables used, along with their expert system rules, to determine which Assimilation Index best describes a specific Hispanic, Brazilian or Asian individual. Then, one of four Assimilation Indices is assigned:

1. Assimilated – Speaks and understands primarily the Prevailing Culture’s Language. (Primarily English Speaking)

2. Bilingual, Prefers English – Speaks Primarily the Prevailing Culture’s Language, 

but still understands Native Language. (e.g. Spanish) 

3. Bilingual, Prefers Native Language – Speaks Primarily Native Language (e.g. Spanish), but understands Prevailing Culture’s Language. (e.g. English)

4. Unassimilated – Speaks and understands primarily the Native language (e.g. Spanish)

(Primarily Native Language Speaking)


Ethnic Technologies’ Affluence product is the only multiculturally driven affluence indicator on the market. Affluence accurately predicts a consumer’s buying power. Affluence can be reported for any individual as an Affluence Index (AI) and/or as an Affluence Dollar Amount (ADA).



G-Tech is Ethnic Technologies’ gender identification technology that was developed to more accurately sort and reach each gender independently. Ethnic Technologies combines preponderance theory with more specific multicultural name research to make G-Tech much more accurate than any other gender identification product.


Hispanic Connected

Ethnic Technologies’ Hispanic Connected product identifies those individuals who, while not Hispanic themselves, are closely connected to the Hispanic culture. An individual is “Connected” to the Hispanic Ethnicity if close family (one parent or a spouse) is Hispanic or if she/he identifies with a strong Hispanic culture or neighborhood. In either of these cases, interaction with the Hispanic community is a part of the individual’s daily life. Additionally, an individual can be “Connected” to the Hispanic Ethnicity if her/his surname is rooted similarly to Hispanic surnames or is frequently used by Hispanics in the US. Although E-Tech doesn’t automatically predict these individuals to be Hispanic, the similarity in their names makes them likely candidates for your Hispanic marketing initiatives.

E-Tech Canada and E-Tech Brazil

International versions, using Ethnic Technologies’ robust E-Tech methodology, are designed based on research into name, geographic, and immigration trends in a specific country to ensure accurate segmentation of a company’s international database.


For more information contact:

Karen Sinisi

Director of Sales

toll free: 866-333-8324 ext 117