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Get In Tune With Your Multicultural Consumer with CultureBeat Pulse – Issue 6 Now Available!

Date: Sep 22, 2021


The Multicultural Landscape:
Your Brand…Your Impact…It Matters

The CultureBeat PULSE is an e-zine to keep you on the “pulse” of what’s relevant to today’s multicultural consumers. Each issue is a curated group of topics that focus on the happenings in our society and marketplace and, most importantly, why it matters to your brand.

In this issue of the CultureBeat PULSE, we put a spotlight on Mental Health, Black Joy, Hispanic Migration, and Diversity and Inclusivity.

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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay: The Stress Of Being The G.O.A.T.

The Olympics are always an exciting time, when sports and culture collide and all eyes are watching to see who will take home the gold. However, it all comes at a price. Simone Biles often feels she has “the weight of the world on my shoulders.” Learn how Simone Biles and other athletes speak up about their mental health struggles and the importance of awareness and support.

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Reframing The Conversation From Black Struggle To Black Joy

Over the years, marketers have tried to connect with the Black/African American consumer as a way to grow their bottom line. In our judgment, marketing efforts have been based on perceptions and stereotypes rather than rooted in a deep understanding of these consumers. Read examples of Black Joy that could aid in developing effective ways to reach Black consumers.

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What It Looks Like Isn’t Always What It Is: Pairing Diversity and Inclusivity To Get It Right

Are companies giving any real thought to the fact that there is a difference between being diverse
versus being inclusive? Do they understand how important it is to pair diversity with inclusivity?

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Sowing Rich Culture in a New Land: The Continued Hispanic Migration

Our colleague, Wilmar Gamez, shares a heart-warming personal story of how Latino backgrounds represent a world full of differences derived from the culture within a culture – reminding us that not all Latinos are the same.

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