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Date: Jul 07, 2023


Meet better prospects.
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Know More About The Multicultural Consumer Market

The current Multicultural population is 147M or 44% of the U.S. population and is projected to grow to more than 160M or 47% by 2028. For marketers to effectively engage these audiences, they must first understand them at the most granular level, such as their likes, dislikes, demographics and behavioral preferences. To facilitate this, Claritas has assembled one of the most robust, industry-leading proprietary data sets on multicultural consumers. With a 360-degree view of multicultural audiences, we are able to help marketers across all industries more effectively identify the ideal audiences, deliver effective multichannel campaigns, and measure the impact campaigns have on driving conversions and improving ROI.

Know more about the Multicultural consumer market and gain their trust with intelligence-driven insights.

For the most comprehensive insights into multicultural audiences, we’ve compiled some useful resources for you, for free!

Gain insights into over 147M multicultural consumers by acculturation, country of origin, preferred language, lifestyle preference, technology behaviors, media preferences, shopping behaviors and much more.

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