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Experience Bold Culture’s Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Workshops

Date: Jan 27, 2021

3 Ways to Experience Bold Culture’s Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Workshops

An understanding of how to authentically connect with multicultural audiences and how to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces is no longer an opportunity–it is a need. 

Bold Culture (Bold)–founded in 2016–is a multicultural communication and management consulting firm that helps companies build inclusive workplaces and authentic marketing messages to diverse audiences.

Bold’s dual workplace inclusion/multicultural marketing approach has been useful to many media, marketing, advertising, and technology companies in recent years.

A key pillar to their client success is ongoing culture, inclusion and diversity courses which are now offered in three ways!
Live Workshops

A session (or series of sessions) up to 90 minutes long, via Zoom, available for the entire team or a department and includes activities. Solutions are customized to your industry and workplace.

View a list of available workshops below or here. Other workshop topics are available upon request.

On-Demand Workshops

Up to 90 minutes long with various modules built for individual learning. You may elect to purchase a course or curriculum from Bold Culture. Each curriculum has 2 or more courses and comes with a certificate of completion for each individual. 

Listening Sessions

Smaller group gatherings via ZOOM allow participants of the past workshops to ask questions and talk through their challenges or ideas in building inclusion throughout the workplace and their personal lives. Listening sessions will be moderated by a Bold Culture facilitator.

A snapshot of our Workplace Inclusion Training Opportunities
  • Race, Identity and the Dynamics of Discrimination: An Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias and Microaggression Prevention Workshop
  • How to Be an Inclusive Communicator at Every Level of Your Professional Journey
  • Spotting Bias: An Interactive Workshop (with scenario-based examples)
  • Rethinking Talent: How to Reshape Your Perspective of What Talent Makes It Into Your Company
A snapshot of our Inclusive Marketing Training Opportunities 
  • Understanding and Avoiding Cultural Appropriation Within All Levels of Your Marketing
  • Understanding the Intersections of Identities and Why It’s Important for Marketers
  • Understanding and Connecting with LGBTQ Communities of Color
  • Understanding and Connecting with the Spectrum of the Black Community

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