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Ethnic Technologies to announce Hispanic Connected at DMA 2014 in San Diego

Date: Oct 14, 2014
Ethnic Technologies to announce Hispanic Connected at DMA 2014 in San Diego

October 14, 2014

S.Hackensack, NJ– Ethnic Technologies will be exhibiting at the Direct Marketing Association’s 2014 Conference and Exhibition October 26-28th in San Diego, CA.  During the conference they will be announcing the release of their new product, Hispanic Connected, as well as E-Tech 2015.
The Hispanic Connected product identifies those individuals who, while not Hispanic themselves, are closely connected to the Hispanic culture.  An individual is “Connected” to the Hispanic Ethnicity if close family (one parent or a spouse) is Hispanic or if she/he identifies with a strong Hispanic culture or neighborhood.  In either of these cases, interaction with the Hispanic community is a part of the individual’s daily life.  Additionally, an individual can be “Connected” to the Hispanic Ethnicity if her/his name is rooted similarly to Hispanic names or is frequently used by Hispanics in the U.S. Although E-Tech doesn’t automatically predict these individuals to be Hispanic, the similarity in their names makes them likely candidates for Hispanic marketing initiatives.
Are you trying to reach a population with very high earning potential on average? E-Tech 2015 provides increased granularity for Asian marketing initiatives through the introduction of Mandarin and Cantonese language segmentation and Hmong and Taiwanese ethnicities. The E-Tech 2015 focus on granular accuracy and coverage also extends across multicultural segments. Specifically, you can also use E-Tech 2015 to reach more African Americans.
“Just because we’re #1, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be focused on getting better and better every year,” said Zack Wilhoit, Ethnic Technologies’ CEO. “Our new Hispanic Connected product is dramatically expanding the Hispanic marketing universe for our many Digital, Social Media, Mobile and other important partners.”
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