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Ethnic Technologies Strategist to Speak at International Conference on Onomastics

Date: Jul 28, 2015

Ethnic Technologies Strategist to Speak at International Conference on Onomastics


Ethnic Technologies Senior Product Design Strategist Amalia Tsiongas has been invited to speak at the Third International Conference on Onomastics – Name and Naming (ICONN) in Baia Mare, Romania in early September 2015. She will be presenting her work on “Marketing to Today’s Consumer: The Role of Globalization in a Name-Based System for Predicting Ethnicity.”


With this presentation, Ms. Tsiongas will describe the unique abilities of the E-Tech product suite to accurately identify both conventional and unconventional ethnic names, thanks to the hard work and continuous improvements being made every day in the Ethnic Technologies’ Research and Product Development Department.


“I hope that by attending this conference I can show just how seriously we at Ethnic Technologies take our role as International Thought Leaders, and how crucial we believe it is to develop new predictive logic and stay ahead of naming trends in an ever-changing, multicultural world,” Ms. Tsiongas explained.


“Ms. Tsiongas is yet another example of a brilliant, young leader that Ethnic Technologies has been fortunate to have join us,” Zack Wilhoit, Ethnic Technologies’ CEO noted. “Given her work in sequential versus simultaneous predictive software systems and our Canadian and Hispanic Connected products, Amalia is the perfect person to speak at this prestigious International Conference.”


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