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Ethnic Technologies is excited to announce the release of E-Tech Version 8.2 and our new website

Date: Mar 06, 2014




Ethnic Technologies is excited to announce the release of E-Tech Version 8.2 and our new website!


Ethnic Technologies, the Global Leader in Digital Multicultural Marketing, Research, Database Enhancements and Analytics is pleased to announce the release of E-Tech Version 8.2.

The company’s industry leading software product now incorporates new multicultural demographic enhancements.  On a typical national database, you will see the following substantial increases in your ability to market to individuals of the following ethnicities, representing billions of dollars in market share:


Comparison of E-Tech earlier 8 Series software to E-Tech Version 8.2

– Hispanics + 1.26% Increase

– African Americans + 3.54% Increase

– East Asians + 1.16% Increase

Additionally, E-Tech 8.2 introduces Brazilian as a new Ethnicity, providing you the most accurate Brazilian segmentation available in the user-friendly format of a separate E-Tech Ethnicity.  Brazilians represent by far the largest economy in the southern hemisphere and are becoming an important component of the U.S. economy.


E-Tech Name Research:
Leading name research has been at the core of E-Tech for more than 30 years.  E-Tech 8.2 now incorporates 36.26% more first names and 5.16% more surnames than E-Tech 8.1.  Additionally, E-Tech 8.2 incorporates 54.92% more surname rules than E-Tech 8.1 and introduces dramatically more first name rules.  The unique strength of E-Tech is the company’s continued research into both specific names and name rules, and its ability to prioritize name intelligence into sophisticated algorithms that consistently produce accurate results.

E-Tech is More Than a Name System:
With our proprietary ENA (Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics) technology, Ethnic Technologies uses granular geographic information gathered from extensive research as well as multiple other sources to determine specific ethnicities where a simple Name System can only return the label “multi-ethnic.” With these tools, any particular instance of a multi-ethnic name can be classified more specifically.  For example, although John Lee is a multi-ethnic name, E-Tech 8.2 can identify him as Chinese, Korean, English or African American.  E-Tech 8.2 works similarly for all multi-ethnic names.

The E-Tech Challenge Guarantee:
There is nothing we love more than to show people the powerful multicultural marketing capabilities of our product.  Please contact us for a free analysis of your customer data

and how we can help you reach the newest, fastest growing and highest dollar value groups of people in the United States, Canada or Brazil.


Also new to Ethnic Technologies


Our newly updated website! Our new website has a fresh, updated appearance but most importantly for our customers is easier to navigate. We have created new menu items that will allow you to find any information you need about our company, products and services. Our goal was provide our customers with more simplicity, ease of use and the very best product information. Please visit us at

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About Ethnic Technologies


Ethnic Technologies (E-TECH) is the Global Leader in Multicultural Marketing, Research, Data Enhancement, Segmentation and Modeling Analytics. The EthniCenter ® from Ethnic Technologies is the result of over 40 years of continuous multicultural, religious and language preference research.  E-TECH’s Multicultural Ethnic, Language Preference and Degree of Assimilation Indices outperform the competition in accuracy and response rates time after time.  Whether using the data for marketing via social media, search engine marketing (SEM), digital, mailing, telemarketing, email campaigns or modeling, the same excellent results have been achieved.


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