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Ethnic Technologies announces even more New and Updated Products

Date: Jan 29, 2019

Ethnic Technologies announces even more New and Updated Products

January 28, 2019 – South Hackensack, NJ

E-Tech 2019
Ethnic Technologies, the Global Leader in Digital Multicultural Marketing, Research, Database Enhancement and Analytics is pleased to announce the release of E-Tech 2019.
The company’s industry leading software product now incorporates new multicultural demographic products and features:

E-Tech 2019 includes more granular identification for Chinese individuals (Taiwanese, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese), resulting in a 60% increase in the ability to identify people that are Taiwanese, one of the fastest growing and highest value consumer groups in North America. Ethnic Technologies’ extensive, in depth name research paired with our Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) enables E-Tech 2019 to deliver this new, higher level of granularity, sharpening insights into the enormous East Asian market.

Vesta – Ethnic Technologies’ New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Product
Ethnic Technologies is proud to also announce Vesta.
Using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies developed at Ethnic Technologies, Vesta is the first multicultural data product that provides Ethnicity, Language Preference, Religion and Ethnic Group identification without requiring any consumer name and/or address input.

Vesta revolutionizes the way multicultural consumer information can be used in digital marketing, site selection, growth projections and many other areas.

The E-Tech Challenge Guarantee:

There is nothing the team at Ethnic Technologies loves better than to show our many clients and prospects the marketing power of our products and how we can help. Please contact us for a free analysis of your customer data or sample of our data products to reach the newest, fastest growing and highest dollar value groups of people to market to in the United States, Canada, Brazil, etc.

Ethnic Technologies (E-TECH) is the Global Leader in Multicultural Marketing, Research, Data Enhancement, Segmentation and Modeling Analytics. The EthniCenter ® from Ethnic Technologies is the result of over 40 years of continuous multicultural, religious and language preference research. E-TECH’s Multicultural Ethnic, Language Preference and Degree of Assimilation Indices outperform the competition in accuracy and response rates time after time. Whether using the data for marketing via social media, search engine marketing (SEM), digital, mailing, telemarketing, email campaigns or modeling, the same excellent results have been achieved.

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