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EIN SOF Communications, Inc.: Sharpen Your Disability-Savvy Competitive Edge – What Can YOU Do?

Date: Jun 11, 2012

Sharpen Your Disability-Savvy Competitive Edge – What Can YOU Do? Fortify your workforce and brand-loyal customer base by  attracting the disability market segment.

A University of Massachusetts Boston/America’s Strength Foundation survey found 92% of consumers felt favorably toward companies hiring people with disabilities; 87% prefer to do business with such companies.  With $220 billion in purchasing power – more than the coveted teen market – why not sharpen your disability-inclusive diversity competitive edge?
Each year, the President proclaims October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). The effort is coordinated by the U. S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP).

This year’s theme A Strong Workforce is an Inclusive Workforce: What Can YOU Do?
creates a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, inventory best practices, weave an accessible welcome mat for customers with disabilities, enhance your brand, launch or fortify disability Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – and yes, sharpen your disability-savvy competitive edge.  If you don’t, your competitors will.
What Can YOU Do? Sustainable Solutions:

The best resource to recruit college students and recent graduates (including veterans with disabilities) is Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD), and its free COSD Career Gateway™. Check it out at

Successful companies across a variety of sectors recruit, hire, retain and promote employees with disabilities. To fortify tools for career advancement, UCLA Anderson School of Management created five Leadership Institutes for managers, directors and high potentials (including Women, African American, LGBT, Latino and Managers with Disabilities).

June is the open enrollment for UCLA’s Leadership Institute for Managers with Disabilities (offered in 2012 and 2014). Discover how companies like AT&T, ESPN, Google, IBM, Mattel, Microsoft, Norvatis, PepsiCo and others fortified their workforces. Contact for more details or check out

What Can YOU Do? 

NPR’s Daniel Schorr was right,  “If you don’t exist in the media, for all practical purposes, you don’t exist.”

EIN SOF Communications’ clients have some great solutions, including two new media tools to spark thought-provoking disability-inclusive diversity dialogue.

Sundance Channel’s Push Girls, a new, audacious 14-episode docu-series; and ITVS-Storyline Motion Pictures’ Lives Worth Living both have powerful potential to jumpstart dynamic Disability-Inclusive Diversity & Inclusion dialogue in classrooms, boardrooms and among disability and ally ERGs.

On June 4th, Sundance Channel launched Push Girls (Mondays at 10 pm.) Push Girls follows a group of hip, dynamic women who use wheelchairs, shattering myths about people with disabilities.  Like Push Girls on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and download captioned episodes on iTunes to screen and generate lively discussions.

Lives Worth Living, broadcast last October on ITVS’ Independent Lens,chronicles charismatic leaders of the disability rights movement – a long, hard and successful drive for civil rights that brought together a powerful coalition that created the most far reaching civil rights legislation in history. Lives Worth Living is now available for non-broadcast use with ERGs, in schools, and for use in community gatherings:  Check out a dynamic discussion when the Diversity Committee of the Television Academy screened Lives Worth Living

Ramp up to October’s NDEAM ~ What Can YOU Do? Like EIN SOF Communications on Facebook; Follow us on Twitter; contact and be on the lookout for more cost-effective ideas to help sharpen your disability-inclusive diversity competitive edge and fortify your workforce. EIN SOF means business – 25/7.

About EIN SOF Communications, Inc.
Tari Hartman Squire is Founding CEO of EIN SOF Communications, Inc. a leading woman-owned small business strategic marketing, accessible events and employment consultation firm specializing in disability-inclusive diversity and public policy. EIN SOF launched disability strategic niche marketing with its Award-winning My Left Foot campaign, advised the AP Stylebook on disability-savvy language, and is a GSA Federal Contractor specializing in Market Research & Analysis. Squire established Media Access Office (liaison between entertainment industry and disability community), and spearheaded SAG Committee of Performers with Disabilities. Clients include AOL; AT&T; Bank of America; Lives Worth Living; Macy’s; Mattel; Microsoft; Nickelodeon; Sundance Channel’s Push Girls; Toys “R” Us; UCLA Anderson School of Management; Universal Home Entertainment; national disability organizations, U.S. Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs.  Its “Disability Market Research Initiative” was featured in Fortune Small Business and Adweek. Squire serves on a variety of diversity committees, including the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. For real Disability-Inclusive Diversity, EIN SOF means business 25/7.